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jim hershey
Marinas? St. Thomas for living aboard
November 03, 2003 12:36PM
We are going to live aboard a sailboat, preferably in St. Thomas.
But...what we are wanting to know..what marinas allow live aboards, and what would be an inexpensive one to have a slip at our moor at??

Any help would be greatly appreciated!! We plan to start living there in Febuary on our 37foot sailboat. Any other advice on where to buy a good boat (from owners or brokers)??
Re: Marinas? St. Thomas for living aboard
November 03, 2003 12:59PM
The only place to live aboard in a marina at a reasonable cost (I think in the neighborhood of $12/ft/mo) is in the Lagoon at either Compass Point Marina or Independent Boat Yard. I think there is a waiting list at both places. There are some other, smaller locations with slips along the shore in the lagoon, but it looks like all the slips are taken; and you need a shoal draft in a sailboat to get in there safely, anyway.

Many liveaboards here live on the hook. You'll find liveaboards at anchor in St. John in Coral Bay, Cruz Bay and Great Cruz Bay. In St. Thomas you'll find them in the main harbor in town, Red Hook and the adjacent Vessup Bay (a very rolly anchorage), in the lagoon, and Elephant Bay in the channel between Water Island and the subbase area of St. Thomas. Those are the major anchorages.

There are other marinas, notably Crown Bay, American Yacht Harbor and Sapphire. I don't think there are many, if any, liveaboards here. Although the marinas are much nicer and cleaner, that comes at a price that scares away most trying to live on a budget.

Good luck!
Re: Marinas? St. Thomas for living aboard
November 04, 2003 12:34AM
Hello Jim,

You can find some marina information and contact information at


When we updated this section a few weeks ago, most said they can do liveaboards but as Ms. Chuy indicated the larger/nicer/cleaner ones are pricier also. You will need to call for cost. The link above has name and telephone numbers so you can call around and see.

Re: Marinas? St. Thomas for living aboard
November 15, 2003 04:25PM
I think you can also do live-aboards at La Vida Marina - it's next to Independent on the east end (Frydenhoj)- their number is 779-2799.

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