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Re: Virgin Islands today comments

April 07, 2016 07:12PM

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Today was a wonderful day in paradise.

Bombi, I think I'm chilling like normal.

Re: Virgin Islands today comments

April 07, 2016 07:37PM

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Tam, irie, it takes a bit especially getting up and running, stoked up and all systems go. But, it's totally worth the effort. Now some beach time?

optimist with low expectations on STX

Re: Virgin Islands today comments

April 07, 2016 08:51PM

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This weekend for sure Bombi. That just what I need to let the rest of my stress wash away in the Caribbean Sea. I didn't forget how beautiful it is here but it still takes my breath away when I come back.

Re: Virgin Islands today comments

April 08, 2016 08:20AM

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Look what I just came across!

For flies, spiders and anything squisy


Can work on smaller roaches.
I love this thing.

Though the Jolt is usually enough for skeeters since they are usually moving so much

Re: Virgin Islands today comments

April 16, 2016 07:50PM

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Today was an incredible beautiful day in paradise. Hello St. Thomas, St. John, Puerto Rico and the BVIs! For the last two or three days it has been so clear and beautiful we could see all the islands from St. Croix. It is such a treat. We can even see all the lights at night. So beautiful.

Today we took a well deserved day off from fixing all the problems that have occurred in the house during our 2 year absence. I've been so anxious about JJ finding some friends since we have been gone so long. I shouldn't have worried. He found some old Crucian friends at the beach today and made a few more. They have already made plans to hang out at our house constantly as much as they can. LOL! I had forgotten how wonderfully well mannered and well behaved Crucian children are and how they all play together no matter what their ages. Toddlers to teens, they all take care of each other. My son is so happy to be back on "his" island.

Re: Virgin Islands today comments

April 17, 2016 07:32AM

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Yes, very clear. I did a double take on Friday when I caught what I thought were clouds rolling in from the distance out of the corner of my eye. Turned out to be a very distinct STT. I usually don't notice unless I'm looking for it specifically, especially at sea level.

Glad to hear JJ seems to be fitting back in where he left off.

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