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Fast food in St Thomas

December 15, 2003 06:44PM


Is there any fastfood in St Thomas, I men Mc Donald's or somethong else ?
Pls advise

Re: Fast food in St Thomas

December 15, 2003 07:05PM

McD's, Wendy's, Pizza Hut, Dominos, KFC and Subway.

Re: Fast food in St Thomas

Island Paul
December 15, 2003 07:40PM

And lots of other really tasty stuff if you have the time. Hate to have you eat and run.

Re: Fast food in St Thomas

December 15, 2003 09:19PM

Fast Food in St. Thomas is an oxymoron. Although the other people are correct. There is a Wendy's, McDonalds, etc. But you may get served faster at a restaurant.

Re: Fast food in St Thomas

December 15, 2003 09:24PM

Very true, Donna, very true.

My wife and I had an experience at the Pizza Hut in Charlotte Amalie that, a year later, we are still trying to comprehend.

We stood in line behind about 4 or 5 other people for about 30 minutes and the line did not move one person. The phone would ring behind the counter and it would somehow be for one of the customers waiting in line. Some people were already seated and eating, but who knows when they got their food. Nothing went from the kitchen to the dining area in the half hour we were there.

It was incredible. Nobody else seemed to mind, so we just waited until we got too hungry and then left for somewhere else.



Re: Fast food in St Thomas

December 15, 2003 09:27PM

But you can get cardboard for free & make it taste like ANY FAST FOOD:

For McDonald's taste, just put cardboard pattie on a bun with thousnd island dressing/

For Pizza-like experience just cut a Small, Medium, or Large circle of cardboard & smother with tomato paste, peperoni, &m mozarella cheese....yum-yum!

Wendy's: cut 5 inch diameter cardboard circles for bun, place 4 inch cardboard circle between the 5 inch circles, top with lettuce, tomato, & pickles.

Any other gourmet fast food: feel free to elaborate on the above recipes

Re: Fast food in St Thomas

December 15, 2003 09:53PM

ParrotHead, Del Carli wasn't asking for your opinion on how the food tastes. She already knows and plans on eating more of it by the sound of it.

Re: Fast food in St Thomas

December 15, 2003 10:24PM

If fast food didn't taste good it wouldn't sell as well as it does. Gourmet has it's place as does Mickey D's.

Re: Fast food in St Thomas

December 16, 2003 10:18AM

Not quite "fast food", but the best burger I had in STT was at the Hard Rock Cafe in CA...and it was at my table fairly fast. happy Great music playing too! Oh yeah, and cocktails! ;-)

Re: Fast food in St Thomas

December 16, 2003 02:13PM

I recently tried Molly Malones "Black & Blue" burger. It was the best burger I have ever had.

Re: Fast food in St Thomas

December 16, 2003 08:36PM

If you're going to be in Charlotte Amalie, try Bumpa's. It's more of a deli. You order your food and it's ready just as quickly as a fast food place, but tastes WAY better. Big portions.

Re: Fast food in St Thomas

December 17, 2003 09:05AM

You have an MTV mind in a PBS world!

Fast food doesn't sell because it 'tastes good' -it sells because we have been conditioned by advertising to WANT IT! AND WANT IT NOW!

Fast Food is a misnomer anyway:

Spend 25 minutes in line at the counter or drive-thru then eat something indistinguishable from the other 5,000 times we ate there.

Talk about monotonous redundancy. If you can't eat the fries before they cool-off & the lard coagulates on & in might as well toss'em.

But, alas....HAVE IT YOUR WAY...

Re: Fast food in St Thomas

December 17, 2003 10:18AM

"You have an MTV mind in a PBS world!"

You have a lot of nerve to question a person's intellectual capacity based on their food preference. You know absolutely nothing about me (except perhaps the fact that I live in Manhattan). Although it may seem inconcievable to you that people have tastes different from your own, I can assure you it is true. While I enjoy dining at many of the fine restaurants we have here in New York, from time to time a hamburger or an order of french fries sounds damn good to me. Perhaps weak minded individuals are easily swayed by advertisers but I am not. I eat what I feel like when I feel like it. So keep your condescending attitude to yourself. Your blanket generalization speaks more to your own intellectual ability, or lack thereof, than my food preferences ever will for my own.

Re: Fast food in St Thomas

December 17, 2003 10:32AM

"You know absolutely nothing about me (except perhaps the fact that I live in Manhattan)."

I hope Santa brings you a sense of humor for Christmas! Happy Holidays!

PS: Is that Manhattan in NYC or Kansas...?

Re: Fast food in St Thomas

December 17, 2003 12:29PM

Kansas. smiling

Re: Fast food in St Thomas

Al S
December 19, 2003 12:55PM


I think you have it bass ackwards. You have a politically correct PBS mind in an MTV world. You know, don't say something even if it's true. Don't eat something even if it tastes good, or maybe especially if it tastes good.

If you were old like me, you'd know that burgers and frys were wildly popular long before "Happy Meals" were ever touted on the tube. We did however get free gifts in our box of "Sugar Corn Pops".

Been around the block a few times. I've eaten C-Rations, MRE's, dog, monkey, vulture, eel, squid, lye-fish (lutefisk) and a few other things only "Fear Factor" could think of. I can assure you, there are many times that I would have crawled a mile over broken Corona bottles just to get near the "golden arches".

I will say though, any of the above foods are made more tolerable when they are deep fried and accompanied by a good box of wine.

Have a good holiday, hope your "Pheasant Under Glass" tastes like chicken and is served with a least a small portion of chille cheese frys. I need a smoke.


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