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Starting a business in St. Thomas

June 01, 2004 09:20AM

I have a question regarding getting a business licsene for the USVI, I have checked the websites but would like to get advice from business owners in the islands.

I am thinking of starting a seasonal business that caters to guests staying on the island. I would only live on St. Thomas while I was operating (mid Nov-late May). I am planning on setting up a small office in the apartment that I will rent and using a cell phone as my main business line. I am in New York at the moment.
My Questions

1. Since I am not based in St. Thomas during the pre-start up period of my business, and won't have a perminant address on the island (renting from season to season). Is it possible to apply for a business licsense using a perment mainland address and then hold a P.O. box on St. Thomas?

2. Could I open a small business checking account with a major bank on the mainland that has a branch in St. Thomas using my mainland address but deal with the St. Thomas branch while I am there?

I guess my main question is: is it possible to run a small service business without being a permanent resident of the USVI? Does anyone have any experience/stories/advice with regards to this?

I'm sure there are other entrepeneural types that are curious.

Re: Starting a business in St. Thomas

June 04, 2004 01:51AM

Hello Kevin,

Your best bet for the licensing address requirements would be to call licensing and ask the specific questions you have. They have a web site that might help you its listed below. I don't know what their address requirements are??


Banks are... Scotia Bank, 1st Bank and Banco Popular. Banks here require you to come in person to get an account and you need the business license and paperwork to open a business account. So the idea of opening an account there (where you are now) isn't an option unless you mail checks up for deposit and use on-line banking for bill paying ect.

Hope that helps a little.


Re: Starting a business in St. Thomas

June 04, 2004 09:46AM

Good morning,
For an address contact Red Hook Mail Services at 779-1890. They will rent you a mail box which you can also use as a physical address on your business license.

Re: Starting a business in St. Thomas

June 07, 2004 11:39AM

Thank you for the info, thats great about Red Hook Mail Services.
Have you used them?
I know the DLCA will not allow a PO box for a license request, is Red Hook different?
Thanks again,

Re: Starting a business in St. Thomas

June 07, 2004 04:15PM

I believe so because it is a physical address. At least it used to work. Call there and speak to Barbara - she is the guru of the mail service.

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