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online H.S. classes

June 18, 2014 08:55PM

Registered: 12 years ago
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Anyone have any luck with affordable online high school classes for their children? We live on STX and are experiencing problems with the church involved and/or university providing online classes. We would appreciate any feedback.

Re: online H.S. classes

June 19, 2014 08:09AM

Registered: 10 years ago
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have you tried k-12 . it is something like that. i have heard the ads on tv

Re: online H.S. classes

June 20, 2014 09:06PM

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Sent you a PM.

Re: online H.S. classes

June 21, 2014 06:08AM

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K-12 is in conjunction with public schools in the states. You actually have to be registered, and be a resident of, a stateside school district to take advantage of it. No option for the USVI as of yet.
I've had some experience with a distant learning program, but none for high school. I have looked into a few….Keystone was the one I was leaning towards.

Re: online H.S. classes

June 21, 2014 07:34AM

Registered: 10 years ago
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well, thanks for the info. that was the only one i remembered hearing about

Re: online H.S. classes

June 21, 2014 09:20AM

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Matt, I use K-12 for my 10 year old son. It is not just a public school option. If you use the public school option it is free or you can use the home study option that we use and pay for it. I think it is about $230 to $280 a class including all books and materials. They also have different high school options including Keystone. Google k-12 and click on schools and programs or call them. They are most helpful.

There is another online school. I think it is call Laurel Springs. I have never used them but I know others who are happy with that program.

These schools are commonly call curriculum in a box. There are so many free classes on line now that you can look up what classes you want on the internet.

Hope this helps.


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