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The Sky Is Falling!?!?

October 06, 2014 06:17AM

Registered: 12 years ago
Posts: 112

Anyone know what the black sand looking stuff is? I noticed it this weekend, all over the pool deck at my House (East end/ STX). I thought it was falling from the bushes, then I visited my friend, who was painting his sailboat at Christiansted harbor and he was complaining about the stuff on his boat too. I know we had Sahara dust, but this stuff is like course black sand. Any thoughts? Thanks.

Re: The Sky Is Falling!?!?

October 06, 2014 06:26AM

Registered: 6 years ago
Posts: 6,524

More than likely ash from the Montserrat volcano carried by the wind.

Re: The Sky Is Falling!?!?

October 06, 2014 08:01AM

Registered: 10 years ago
Posts: 8,626

i was wondering if montserrat blew again

Re: The Sky Is Falling!?!?

October 06, 2014 08:08AM

Registered: 5 years ago
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MVO Weekly Report for the Period 26 September to 3 October 2014

Activity at the Soufrière Hills Volcano remains low.

The seismic network recorded one rockfall and five volcano-tectonic earthquakes this week.

Sulphur-dioxide measurements taken on five days during the reporting period gave an average flux of 263 tonnes/day with a maximum of 394 and a minimum of 142 tonnes/day. Variations in the dominant wind direction meant that the smell of volcanic gases was evident at times in inhabited areas on Saturday 27 September.

Pyroclastic flows can occur at any time without warning on any side of the volcano, including Gages from where they can travel rapidly into Plymouth. Tracks across the Belham valley are frequently destroyed or heavily modified by flash flooding or lahars, and caution should be exercised crossing the valley during and after rainfall.

The Hazard Level is 1. There is no access to Plymouth or the rest of Zone V. Maritime Zones E and W are daytime transit only between sunrise and sunset (boats may sail through the zone but must not stop).

This report along with additional information on the Soufrière Hills Volcano and the Hazard Level System can be found at the MVO website:

Re: The Sky Is Falling!?!?

October 06, 2014 08:12AM

Registered: 6 years ago
Posts: 6,524

It didn't "blow" again but is continuously active to some degree and when the wind is right the ash is carried here on it.

Re: The Sky Is Falling!?!?

October 06, 2014 01:07PM

Registered: 12 years ago
Posts: 112

Thanks for al the info!

Re: The Sky Is Falling!?!?

October 06, 2014 03:41PM

Registered: 6 years ago
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I remember when it had a massive eruption years ago. Here in STT, every single outside surface area was covered with a layer of black ash. Car washes were doing a brisk business and cleaning windows and rooftops was no fun.
It was worse than the year we had the massive invasion of caterpillars!

Re: The Sky Is Falling!?!?

East Ender
October 06, 2014 04:37PM

Registered: 13 years ago
Posts: 4,965

Sahara dust has been pretty heavy since Friday. Could it be that?

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