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Re: Person Burned to Death in Gruesome, ISIS-style Murder

November 28, 2015 08:08AM

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Too bad too that the majority doesn't pay any attention when crimes ARE solved. One can too easily assume that a "Law and Order" type TV drama is a depiction of real life where a crime is committed and the perpetrator is found, tried and sentenced all in a 40 minute time slot. It sometimes takes a few years to bring someone to justice and then the news of that is buried on page 6 of a small local newspaper with the only people paying attention for the most part being those with a personal interest in the case ...

Re: Person Burned to Death in Gruesome, ISIS-style Murder

November 28, 2015 11:59AM

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I think you all are forgetting something. On an island where everyone knows your business - you really think cops don't know who's doing stuff like this? I am betting that they know pretty damn quick who is involved in murders and pretty much the majority of the crimes that happen here. The ones that get "solved" are the ones where friends and family don't stop and push push push for justice. Information and names get trickled through cops and judges that are friends and family of these criminals. Paperwork - evidence - statements go missing. I have absolutely no faith in our VIPD. Especially disappointed in what I have seen with my two eyes - behavior of VIPD in uniforms.

Im no detective but its pretty clear to me - since the lady as Coki knew I was engaged even before I got back from Africa... where I got engaged - word travels FAST and people love to gossip! I still don't know how she kew lol. Ive only been here 3 years now but I learned that first two weeks lol. Get rid of the nepotism and solve every crime here - will that ever happen? No. There is simply no accountability.


I agree in part. But would add that everybody knowing everyone else's business would mostly amount to hearsay, which isn't admissible in court. They need direct witnesses who are willing to testify, or sometimes someone who can lead them to hard evidence. So even if the police are not beholdin', to friends, relatives or employers, mounting a case is still difficult.

btw, Has the victim been identified and/or are there suspects? If there were updates in the news, I missed them.

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