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Quake awake 4.0 !


Exit Zero
April 14, 2016 02:35AM

Registered: 10 years ago
Posts: 2,266

@ 2:14 am --anyone else feel that earthquake that woke me out of a sound sleep?? Rattled the house and shook the bed -- pretty loud too -- on the Western slope of Crown Mt. STT


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Re: Quake awake 4.0 !

April 14, 2016 06:41AM

Registered: 6 years ago
Posts: 12,112

I was awake.
Heard it coming but not very loud compared to others I've heard in the past and felt it but seemed more of a quick shake. Didn't think it was a 4.0.

Re: Quake awake 4.0 !

April 14, 2016 08:21AM

Registered: 4 years ago
Posts: 45

Yes! Woke me up!

Re: Quake awake 4.0 !

April 15, 2016 03:05AM

Registered: 6 years ago
Posts: 2,295

Dang - didn't feel it and I was up.

Re: Quake awake 4.0 !

East Ender
April 15, 2016 09:44AM

Registered: 13 years ago
Posts: 5,004

There was quite a swarm yesterday. My QuakeWatch app says 6 in the BVI/USVI area. I felt the one at 11 am, but none of the others.

Re: Quake awake 4.0 !

April 15, 2016 09:13PM

Registered: 4 years ago
Posts: 2,143

Hmmm, and 7.0 earthquake today (Sat) in Japan and another 6.2 2 days ago. Coincidence?


Re: Quake awake 4.0 !

April 16, 2016 05:46AM

Registered: 7 years ago
Posts: 6,524

It's a rare day when our region doesn't have at least one earthquake - we're on a major fault line - but most go unfelt and only recorded on seismographs. I remember that over 30 years ago a group of seismologists predicted a major earthquake here "in the next 10 years". Island time?

Re: Quake awake 4.0 !

April 16, 2016 09:45AM

Registered: 6 years ago
Posts: 12,112

I get notices of earthquake activity thru USGS.
We go thru periods of swarms of activity from time to time, which we seem to be experiencing at present. The noise on hears just prior to an earthquake is the grinding of tectonic plates as they shift.

Re: Quake awake 4.0 !

April 18, 2016 10:55AM

Registered: 6 years ago
Posts: 12,112

We should consider ourselves lucky, so far!



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