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Moving end of 2017

September 22, 2016 03:00PM

Registered: 2 years ago
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Well my gf is a trooper and wants to come to USVI with me.
I've read all the moving stories and we will do our pmv around this time next year.
We constantly remind ourselves it will be much different tHan the week of vacation we are used to.
She is a nurse and I am in IT. I think we'll be able to find work in our fields and if not we will find something else.
Everyone's comments on this site have been super helpful, even the stories of people going back stateside. As much as I would like to think we will love it and stay forever, we really don't know.

Does anyone have experience being a landlord there? We plan on buying a house with a cottage to rent out. I've owned duplexes in MN and it was good side income.
I've also tossed around the idea of getting into the food business after being there awhile. Owned a catering company here.

Still lots of planning to do, but super excited.

Re: Moving end of 2017

September 22, 2016 03:04PM

Registered: 5 years ago
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Does anyone have experience being a landlord there?


Re: Moving end of 2017

East Ender
September 22, 2016 03:09PM

Registered: 13 years ago
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Welcome to the forum!

1. [] (for your nurse girlfriend) thumbs up
2. People will tell you to rent for a period of time until you are sure you want to plunk down a bunch of money on this paradise/hell hole.wink
3. Many homes are constructed with an apartment built-in, just for helping with mortgage payments. big grin

Re: Moving end of 2017

September 22, 2016 03:20PM

Registered: 7 years ago
Posts: 6,524

East Ender
3. Many homes are constructed with an apartment built-in, just for helping with mortgage payments. big grin

Exactly. We don't have basements here but the space adjacent to the cistern is very often utilized as a studio or 1BR depending on available space. There aren't many detached cottages here. As EE says, best advice is to rent for a few years until you figure out whether or not you plan on staying for a while.

Yes, I've been a LL here and also worked in the food industry, several months managing a retail outlet of a wholesale food distributor (my first job which was a disaster big grin) and then - much later on - managing a convenience store for a year; and then creating, opening and operating a restaurant for 16 years.

Good luck with your plans!

Re: Moving end of 2017

September 22, 2016 03:28PM

Registered: 6 years ago
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Being a landlord is a double edged sword.
Have a great detailed and explicit lease.
If someone balks at signing, you don't want them.
Take pictures of rental property, before and after.
Sometimes, you'll have the most wonderful tenants.
Sometimes, you won't.
Document everything in writing.
Even with good references and credit checks it can be a coin toss.

Re: Moving end of 2017

September 22, 2016 10:12PM

Registered: 4 years ago
Posts: 2,143

If you're planning on moving end of 2017 I recommend starting PMVs sooner than this time and do more than one.

Re: Moving end of 2017

September 22, 2016 11:02PM

Registered: 2 years ago
Posts: 30

All great tips. We definitely plan on renting for a bit before buying.

Any Veterans on here? How's it living on the island?

Re: Moving end of 2017

September 23, 2016 09:11AM

Registered: 5 years ago
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Veterans get a LOT of privileges here that others do not.

But as far as health care, we hear nothing but complaints.

Re: Moving end of 2017

September 23, 2016 10:24AM

Registered: 5 years ago
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Many of the Veteran's privileges that CruzanIron mentioned, such as tax breaks, and other government benefits, are reserved for Veterans who joined the service from here. I've had nothing but good experiences at the STX VA clinic, don't know about the one on STT. A lot of businesses give us discounts. We have the VFW, American Legion, probably more that I haven't found yet. No commissary or exchange, but rumors persist that the National Guard may open a branch PX or some such.

Re: Moving end of 2017

September 23, 2016 11:12AM

Registered: 8 years ago
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I have no complaints about the VA health clinic on STT. I thought they were very thorough and professional. I like the fact that they have medical erecords which I don't think all other health providers use.

If you need to go to PR for more advanced treatment, flight is free as I understand it.

There were problems with people selling liquor purchased from Exchange so the one here on STT was closed.

There is a veterans license plate which I think is free for veterans. I posted a list of some veterans' benefits on this forum a while back. I had just registered with VA so had the benefits list in my hand. Don't know where it is now.

There is a senator who heads a veterans committee. Justin Harrigan. He has a website and you can see what he has done on behalf of veterans. Haven't finished my research of senators that would include St Croix.

Re: Moving end of 2017

September 25, 2016 05:46PM

Registered: 2 years ago
Posts: 30

Thanks guys. Ton of good info.
Glad we are treated well.
I think I saw something about the free license place also.

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