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Planing on moving to VI

July 25, 2017 09:03AM

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Hi guys,

My husband and I are considering moving to St Thomas or St Croix with our 9 years old daughter. Im really worried about her education I wont consider homeschooling, We are family oriented and easy going people can I get all kind of advises on what Island to choose? we are going to visit this september and try to make a decision.

Any comments would be really helpful

thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Planing on moving to VI

July 25, 2017 09:42AM

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Hope you can afford $10K a year plus in private schools

Re: Planing on moving to VI

July 25, 2017 09:46AM

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Check out the various schools while here - STT
Sibilly is the best public grade school. (North side)
They have no high school.
The private schools are Montessori on east end and Antilles on southside.
There are various parochial schools as well.
Sts. Peter and Paul, All Saints, Lutheran, etc.

U.S. Virgin Islands Schools
St. Thomas Private Schools:
Public and private education is available for all Virgin Islanders from pre-school through college. The government operates Head Start centers on all three islands and there are many private pre-schools. Students attend private non-sectarian, religious or public schools. Private and religious schools charge tuition. Government-run schools are free. Most families who relocate to the Virgin Islands send their children to private or religious-affiliated schools.

Antilles School - toddlers through grade 12, 7280 Frenchman's Bay, #16-1, St. Thomas, VI 00802, (340) 776-1600. []
VI Montessori School and International Academy - toddlers through 12, 6936 Vessup Bay Road, St. Thomas, VI 00802-1001, (340) 775-6360. []

St. Thomas Religious Schools:
All Saints Cathedral School - Episcopal, pre-kindergarten through 12, P.O. Box 308, St. Thomas, VI 00804, (340) 774-0231; []
Bethel Baptist Day School - pre-kindergarten through 3, P.O. Box 4465, St. Thomas, VI 00803, (340) 774-1378. Email:
Church of God Academy - kindergarten through 12, P.O. Box 502187, Tutu Park Mall Post Office, St. Thomas, VI 00805, (340) 775-1252.
Memorial Moravian School - kindergarten through 8, P.O. Box 117, St. Thomas, VI 00804, (340) 774-7579 or (340) 774-2670. Fax (340) 774-7715,
Saints Peter and Paul School - Catholic, pre-kindergarten through 12, P.O. Box 1706, St. Thomas, VI 00803, elementary school (340) 774-5662, high school (340) 774-2199.
Seventh Day Adventist School - kindergarten through 12, P.O. Box 7909, St. Thomas, VI 00801, (340) 775-3525. Email:
Wesleyan Academy - pre-school through 12, P.O. Box 302779, St. Thomas, VI 00803,(340) 774-5438. Fax: (340) 774-2339; email:

You'll want to consider driving distance between home, school and work when choosing the above.

Choosing an island to live on will be the hardest part.
Each is different and each has their pros and cons.
What about work?

Re: Planing on moving to VI

July 25, 2017 10:13AM

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Thank you so much for you answer! The main worry is my daughter lifestyle and school and education, eventually I will do something for work but not in a hurry because we have some income from rental here in Miami, so that part is as it goes the one I would really like to have clear is about my kid, I read in previous posts that some schools have financial aid so it wouldn't be 10K a year right? and the environment for her growing up is what it worries me the most, I want her to be happy and enjoy life here in Miami is getting hectic and less safe for them to grow, My husband and I can be fine with any lifestyle we are thinking in something oceanfront but never been there that is why we are going this year

Re: Planing on moving to VI

July 25, 2017 10:27AM

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Yes, many schools have financial aid but it's dependent on yours and your child's circumstances. Best to contact the schools, directly.
Both Montessori and Antilles are excellent schools and offer sports and extracurricular activities.

Re: Planing on moving to VI

July 25, 2017 11:09AM

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Thank you so so much!

Re: Planing on moving to VI

July 25, 2017 12:48PM

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I sent you a PM. You can click above to see.

Re: Planing on moving to VI

July 25, 2017 02:44PM

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st croix has 2 excellent elementary schools. Ricardo Richards and Pearl B Larson.

they are both public.

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