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Bringing vs. Buying Computer

August 06, 2017 04:40AM

Registered: 1 year ago
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Anyone either 1) found a good way to pack and ship your desktop iMac (mine has the 27" screen, circa 2013) to USVI and have it still intact and working when it got there? OR 2) found an affordable way to either purchase such Apple products locally or to purchase and have them shipped new to the USVI? Sorry, I'm spoiled, happen to live literally 5 minutes from a fabulous Apple Store here at the mall. I included all the Apple TVs and flat screens in the sale of my home here because I read on this forum that electronic components don't have a long life in USVI, but you know how our iPhones, iPads and iMacs become our personal "comfort zone," darn, wish their products weren't so seductive, lol!

Re: Bringing vs. Buying Computer

August 06, 2017 06:00AM

Registered: 10 years ago
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I have shipped a big ol' iMac. Original box helps a heck of a lot. But have done it without and sent it USPS Priority Mail before. Most important rule of thumb when packing anything is "if it doesn't shake, it won't break". Double boxing things also helps a lot. But if you want just buy one, Best Buy ships here, for free. But sometimes they use Parcel Post (3-4 week delivery time) and sometimes they use Priority Mail (3-7 days). I have also bought from Small Dog in the past. I probably have bought 10 Macs in the time I've lived here. And my first one ever, old macbook pro, is still ticking, but the entire screen has mold growing in it surprised

And there is a guy on St. John that works on Macs , Computer Express, Jason.

(PS, Sent you a PM last week, not sure if you got it)

Re: Bringing vs. Buying Computer

August 06, 2017 06:29AM

Registered: 10 years ago
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Good morning Wolvie - you definitely want to bring it with you. Either ship as Julie suggested or pack it equally well to go in the container you are planning to bring down the rest of your stuff in.

It is not easy to get any Mac products shipped here without using a third-party shipper like Paradise Freight. Because electronics seem to mysteriously vanish when shipped through Puerto Rico, a number of electronics retailers have stopped shipping directly to us. Apple does not ship here, and there is nowhere locally to shop for the full range of their product line. Easiest way is often to have it shipped to a family member stateside and have them bring or ship it down Priority in an unmarked box.

Re: Bringing vs. Buying Computer

Ca. Dreamers
August 06, 2017 08:39AM

Registered: 8 years ago
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I brought my old I-mac in it's original box on AA from Maimi in 2102 when we moved.

That box was not tapered and was 2 inches more than allowed when they measured it to go in with the luggage. Hence a $200 charge!

That Mac has since bite the dust and has been replaced with a new one that traveled the same way. It however had a tapered box(which I have kept) and measured much smaller when measured and flew along with the luggage at no charge.

When I buy mac products I have my son in California buy them there and mail them to me here. You pay the outrages sales tax but you get what you want.

BTW if you don't have the Mac box a large suit case will work just pack clothing around it for safety.


Re: Bringing vs. Buying Computer

Gator's Mom
August 06, 2017 08:49AM

Registered: 5 years ago
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Apple stores or UPS stores may help you to box your computer for safe shipping.

Another (expensive) option:


Have you thought about taking it as checked baggage or shipping American air cargo?

Sounds like you're in a city. Go to your local thrift stores to see if there is a cheap suitcase or trunk that might work for your boxed computer. If the bag/trunk is oversized, American charges an extra $200 to put it in checked luggage but it might be worth it. We've done this a few times with tools.

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