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Buy Car in Fl to ship

October 20, 2017 09:56AM

Registered: 2 years ago
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Has anyone purchased a car in Florida and had it immediately shipped to the USVI (particularly St Croix)? I am wondering about specifically will need to be paid to Florida and how to arrange transport. Ideally, there is a way to skip Florida registration as it will need to be registered her in St. Croix.

Thank you! Maria totaled my car so I am trying to move forward with a replacement.

Re: Buy Car in Fl to ship

October 20, 2017 12:17PM

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I'd get one from PR, it's cheaper wink

I purchased a F350 from FL sight unseen, had some things added to it and had it dropped off at the port.. I didn't see the truck until I picked it up on St Croix.

It's pretty easy to do, just takes some coordination and people in FL willing to do the leg work (for cash or kindness).

Re: Buy Car in Fl to ship

October 20, 2017 12:46PM

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Order one online and have it delivered to the freight forwarder.

Re: Buy Car in Fl to ship

October 20, 2017 03:41PM

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I live in Texas and recently purchased a boat through Craigslist in Florida. I had it inspected by a professional boat inspector before making payment. Next, had it transported, through Uship, to VI Cargo in Miami and put on the boat to St Croix. All went smoothly.

You can do all the above for a car. Make sure you get the original Title completely filled out and signed. Also, a notarized bill of sale.

Just call the VI Cargo Miami office to get specific information from them on cars. They do this all the time.

Re: Buy Car in Fl to ship

October 20, 2017 05:30PM

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I contacted John Estellas at Blue Ocean Trnsport in Miami. Very helpful.
All went smooth with my Chevy pickup.
I delivered it to the port in Fort Lauderdale and 5 days later it was in STX.
About $1500 for shipment.
Plus $250 For Ferrol Recieving to register and obtain plates from BMV, handle customs, road taxes, ect...

They usualy advertise at the bottom of this web page.

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