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Captain Morgan Distillery

February 19, 2018 04:23PM

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I am looking into a position at the Captain Morgan Distillery on St. Croxi. I was wondering if anyone works there and what you think of it.

Also wondering how single women feel living alone on the island. I would just be moving with my dog.

Thank you for any input!

Re: Captain Morgan Distillery

February 19, 2018 04:32PM

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You will be fine as a single woman, just keep your wits about you.

One saying here, about meeting guys as a single woman, is "The odds are good, but the goods are odd"!

Not always true but it sure can be true depending on what crowd you end up hanging with.

Having a dog will most likely limit the options you have for rentals, as condos don't allow renters with pets, only owners. But some home owners will allow a renter with a pet.

Re: Captain Morgan Distillery

February 19, 2018 05:28PM

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Diageo is a very good employer and you'll meet many professionals there.St. Croix is generally a very safe place so I wouldn't be too concerned about that.

We already have a massive over population of dogs here.

Please consider adopting a new friend when you arrive.

Re: Captain Morgan Distillery

February 19, 2018 05:29PM

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Thank you for the info. Luckily meeting men isn't super high on my list of priorities right now! I just want to start a new, exciting job and go snorkeling.

I have been looking at rentals and you are so right! It is difficult finding places that allow dogs. I hope I find something.

Re: Captain Morgan Distillery

February 19, 2018 05:31PM

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I would totally adopt another dog but my girl hasn't allowed it yet. I fostered 2 awesome dogs for a while and she hated them. They were both male so I have been thinking of trying with another female.

Re: Captain Morgan Distillery

February 20, 2018 10:22AM

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I am also looking to relocate and find a job/apartment (single woman). If for some reason you find a two bedroom and are in need a roommate. LMK

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