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Telecommunications employment on STX? (CenturyLink /Level3)

July 02, 2018 10:07AM

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So my wife and I got married in STX about 5 years ago, have come back to visit since then, and have been trying to get a job offer to assist in our relocating back to the island ever since.

I fielded one offer about 3 years ago but they were unwilling to offer any form of relocation assistance and the salary they were offering wasn’t enough to justify tapping into our own savings to finance our own move so we had to make the smart financial choice to regretfully pass on the offer.

Now I’m seeing a CenturyLink position (formerly Level3) linger on the CenruryLink Careers Page as if they’re struggling to find a qualified candidate and we’re rolling the dice on a STX relocation again...

I know it’s a long shot, but what are the odds that any of you here are or know the STX CenturyLink/Level3 tech? I’m trying to get a feel of the pay scale on island for the position, and if the company has been willing to assist in relocation in the past?

Alternatively, broad statements about payscales in the telecommunications industry as a whole on STX and how common it is to see relocation assistance in the job offers that come with the positions in this sector could also be helpful. Trying to get a feel about if our expectations are too high or if they’re reasonable.
I have almost 20 years of experience in the industry with experience in the field and on the inside network and central office. Copper and fiber, TDM and TCP/IP. I could spit out a bunch of accronyms that would mean little to anyone not in the industry but as a general statement I’d call myself well experienced and knowledgeable and send out a pretty good looking resume.

Again, as a long shot I’m hoping someone is, or knows, the STX CenturyLink/Level3 tech who could offer specifics about their payscales and willingness to assist in relocation. Recognizing that this is a long shot I’ll be grateful for any broad statements about those questions within my industry on the island.

Thanks guys and gals

Re: Telecommunications employment on STX? (CenturyLink /Level3)

July 02, 2018 04:09PM

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No Century Link in VI that I'm aware of.

We have DISHTV, VIYA for cable and satellite TV.

Broadband VI and VIYA and a couple others for internet

Re: Telecommunications employment on STX? (CenturyLink /Level3)

July 02, 2018 04:41PM

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I looked it up and there is a job posted for that company on their careers page. Maybe they are a subcontractor for VINGN or VIYA, or even Global Crossing.

Re: Telecommunications employment on STX? (CenturyLink /Level3)

July 02, 2018 05:20PM

Registered: 4 months ago
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I looked it up and there is a job posted for that company on their careers page. Maybe they are a subcontractor for VINGN or VIYA, or even Global Crossing.

Global Crossing has been bought by Level3, which was recently bought by CenturyLink. There seems to be a point of presence for some long-haul infrastructure in STX from the legacy Global Crossing/Level3 network.
I don’t think this position is very customer-facing dealing with end-user service as much as it’s maintianing their network on a higher capacity circuit level but that’s just an assumption at this point. If my assumption is correct it’s entirely possible there’s a CenturyLink/Level3 tech working that position you saw currently on-island right now and because it’s not a customer-facing position most people on the island may be totally unaware that’s hes there doing his thing on a daily basis. Other people who work in the industry may be familiar with him or have crossed paths with him though.
My experience is a mix of customer-facing field tech work, outside plant, and network technician dealing with high cap circuits, switching, transport, and network elements which makes me feel like it would be a good fit for my experience. And in the telecom world as you move away from the customer facing work and closer to the inside of the network the value you bring to the company and the pay scales increase. There’s also much fewer people knowledgeable and experienced with the internal network than there are guys gaffing poles and running coax drops to houses so competition for the position decreases and a company looking for a qualified candidate can have a more difficult time.

I’m hopeful I can track down someone to provide some inisight into this position, or someone currently working in the telecom industry on-island who’s familiar with even some ballpark payscales and relocation assistance prevalence. Like I said, I know it’s a long-shot but giving it a try.

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Re: Telecommunications employment on STX? (CenturyLink /Level3)

July 02, 2018 06:48PM

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Centurylink is who is providing the fiber bandwidth that VINGN uses to resell to BBVI and other ISPs. Not for sure if Viya is using CenturyLink but would guess they would almost have to in some form. Never ran into techs at that level but while I am new to STX not new to islands, STT was different... Most companies as a whole are loath to do relocation funding because of the transient way that people can be

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