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Moving household goods
June 05, 2001 03:03PM
My son is moving to St. Thomas from Chicago in September and is wondering about the cost of shipping furniture etc. to the islands. We are wondering if it makes more sense to ship what he has vs. trying to buy things once he gets there. Also not sure the best way to ship things. We're talking about a bed, computer, tables and other small items. Any suggestions would be most helpful
Re: Moving household goods
June 06, 2001 12:31AM
Talk to your local moving company, i.e. Redball, Viking, etc. Cost depends on how much you're shipping.

It is possible to pack up your own crate, then ship yourself, which is cheaper but a lot more work.

The movers will quote on the basis of standard size lift van usually (about 3'6" x 8' x 8' or 3'6" x 8' x 4' (half size) as I recall).

Although you're closer to VI, a full size lift van from CA (for example) runs about $3000, a second for $2000, etc. It may be two thirds of that from Chicago; but you need to get a quote.

Often, it doesn't make financial sense to ship furniture unless it's especially valuable, rare, or hard to replace sentimental pieces.

Island Girl
Re: Moving household goods
June 09, 2001 06:46PM
My daughter moved actually 11 months ago to St. Thomas from Texas. The shipping cost is wild. I shipped her the computer and printer and it cost me with insurance $235.00. I had her buy the bed and when my hubby and I visited the island, we bought her a frig and a stove for $750.00 which was a bargin. The computer is worth the shipping but the rest, I think if he's single, you're better off just buying the stuff in the island. You just have to bargin back and forth. I hope everything works out, OK.
Take care,
Island Girl
Re: Moving household goods
June 29, 2001 04:28PM
As for furniture- there are only a few types of wood that do well here. Teak, mahogany and bamboo or wicker. The reason being termites. The types I mentioned seem impervious to them, so it may be better to get furniture here. There are always ads in the paper "moving off island, must sell every thing" I see ads for computers, furniture, cars, books and so on. That is one way to go. Take care. Hope we see you here soon! randy

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