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May 04, 2006 05:20PM

We're taking a 12 night cruise in November which stops mid-way in St. Thomas. We were wondering if there was either a self-serve or drop-off laundry near the pier.

Re: laundry

C Urchin
May 05, 2006 03:24PM

Registered: 12 years ago
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Marilyn, there are some recent posts regarding this on the vacation message board.

Re: laundry

STT Resident
May 05, 2006 11:49PM

Registered: 13 years ago
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CUrchin - Marilyn did indeed post there and got some pretty good responses but somebody suggested she post on this forum too. Given her particular circumstances I still stand by my response to her on the vacation forum.

Would also add that anything "drop-off" will take more than one day. Even going "solo" and sitting around doing laundry on a port call takes a long time, is relatively expensive even for one full load (water is at a premium here but that's another story.) Figure in taxi to get you to the laundromat and then back to the just doesn't configure.

Pack well and sensibly, wear "wash and wear" which can be washed out in your cabin along with your "smalls." For more info go to the vacation forum on this site for other's opinions.

Marilyn - have a WONDERFUL Caribbean cruise and hopefully spend some good time on St Thomas to enjoy a glimpse of our wonderful island outside the confines of a laundromat! Cheers!

Re: laundry

C Urchin
May 06, 2006 09:48AM

Registered: 12 years ago
Posts: 29

STT Resident- Sorry, didn't check the name on the original post on the vacation board re: laundry. Just thought I was letting her know there was a discussion was on the other board. Next time I will check first.

Marilyn - Yes, ditto what STT Resident said, have a great cruise and Enjoy beautiful St. Thomas!

Re: laundry

May 08, 2006 01:12PM

Thanks for your help. I will most definitely enjoy my cruise and mmy visit to St. Thomas as well!

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