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Cool Hand Luke syndrome

July 21, 2007 11:55PM

Registered: 11 years ago
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One day I was certain I would be relocating in STT. I had a great job at a good salary teaching English---I thought. I was all eager and excited. I posted the "What First" topic and asked you all for help with finding lodgings. But then the next day my dream was tainted and now I'm unsure about my new teaching job and moving to Paradise..
I have been dealing with the Krogens Gade office of the Dept of Education. They had been helpful and encouraged me to apply. On the 17th I received a faxed, formal offer to teach English at a high school on the East End. The money offered was more than satisfactory. I called STT and they assured me I was hired. So I signed the offer of Employment document and faxed it back. I asked them to fax me the teaching contract the next day and they agreed. It was that evening that I made many arrangements to travel to the USVI short of booking a plane reservation, The next morning I sat in my study staring at my computer printer awaiting the faxed contract. Finally it sputtered out and as I read it over my eyes fixed in disbelief at the amount of my salary. My pay had been reduced by $11,000 since the previous day. The amount offered would make living there marginal at best. I call them back to ask what had happened to change their initial offer. I was told after waiting for files to be examined that it was "A mistake". You mean, I asked, the low figure is correct? $11,000 less is the offer? YEP! "What we have here is a failure to communicate."
So I've e-mailed a lame protest to the head person at the Dept. of Education suggesting that I would meet them half way and accept a figure $5,500 less. So far they have not responded, so my travel plans are on hold.
I would like to thank those who have responded to my initial request for help with finding a place to live.. You are good people and this bulletin board service is a unique feature, extending hospitality to we neophytes who would struggle without some help. Keep it up gang. If the school forks up the additional bucks I will be joining you there.
Thanks again

Albert Richard

Re: Cool Hand Luke syndrome

July 22, 2007 12:00AM

Registered: 11 years ago
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I would like to see the teacher's pay increased more.....but, as we all know......the senators are soooooooooo much more important......their pay MUST come first...............

Re: Cool Hand Luke syndrome

July 22, 2007 12:41AM

Registered: 13 years ago
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"Shakin' it" is one way you can try to survive in the USVI. Another way is to propose a counteroffer that has the USVI Schools provide you with a buxom blonde, "whose safety pin does pop", just when you get home. If you play your cards right you'll get to interview all the applicants (gov't job = lifetime $$$) and roll with a clean car every day.

When in Rome . . .


Re: Cool Hand Luke syndrome

July 22, 2007 07:14AM

Registered: 11 years ago
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I was surprised when I started reading your post because it's pretty well known that unfortunately teachers are not well paid. Sorry for your nasty surprise but glad you found out in time. Were they thinking they could get you down here before you noticed the "mistake?"


Re: Cool Hand Luke syndrome

July 22, 2007 04:28PM

Registered: 11 years ago
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I like your ideas, TEd. Yes the lifetime govm't job is for me. But alas, they'd probably misrepresent that salary too and I'd end up selling conch salald from a food cart (another pretty godd idea). I the pay cut had been in Rome I might have gone for it..
Thanks, Albert

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