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Yogis on STT?

January 08, 2014 03:00PM

Registered: 4 years ago
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Good afternoon! My husband and I are considering relocating to STT, but I was interested to see what kind of yoga community was there. Are there lots of yogis? Are there any great studios I should check out?

Thanks and namaste!

Re: Yogis on STT?

January 08, 2014 03:08PM

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Re: Yogis on STT?

January 19, 2014 07:32PM

Registered: 9 years ago
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There's a new yoga studio just opening in Tillet Garden []

Another studio exists down the street from there at time center and there is a teacher who is just coming off maternity leave + starting some classes there.

There are yoga classes at gyms like the Jackson Complex and the spa at Sugar Bay.
And there are private yoga classes as well.

Re: Yogis on STT?

East Ender
January 19, 2014 10:45PM

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I keep thinking that you are talking about Yogi- "Smarter than the average bear!"

Re: Yogis on STT?

May 07, 2014 12:08PM

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We made it to STT! Getting used to all things driving on the left and island time smiling

As for classes at resorts, are locals allowed to join them? What are costs associated with classes at resorts, anybody know?


Re: Yogis on STT?

August 13, 2014 04:17PM

Registered: 5 years ago
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Check out Integrative Energy and Movement Center located in Tutu near Kingdom Tires.
Marshan Sam rocks out loud and offer Aerial classes as well.

Re: Yogis on STT?

August 14, 2014 09:47AM

Registered: 6 years ago
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Yoga classes on the beach at Sapphire are open to all. Every morning at 9am. Last I heard she charged $20 per session.

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