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Hello to everyone

February 13, 2017 06:03AM

Registered: 1 year ago
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So long story short... at 41 I've ending a loveless marriage ( on nice terms ) and gave up my possessions. Now I only own clothes.. lol... and a job in logistics. My plan is to bank money for a year... get dental work done, dr. Visits, etc. make a trip to VI then make the move. I'll save money in the meantime since I have the opportunity. I've been to most islands in the Caribbean however being a USA citizen this is the easiest choice. I don't mind spotty internet and power outages. I'm more laid back and enjoy the finer things in life like nature and relationships with people. I just joined so just dropping in to say hello and hope to make some friends here in the next year or so while I make my move. This has been a long time coming and I understand the struggle but I'm strong and I'll regret not trying the rest of my life if I don't attempt this. The day my status goes to " he lives here" I'll throw a cookout and you're all invited! Live, laugh, love..

Re: Hello to everyone

February 20, 2017 09:13AM

Registered: 10 years ago
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enjoy the journey

Re: Hello to everyone

March 11, 2017 02:46AM

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Hello! I wish you all the luck and happiness life 2.0 has to offer! You are brave and probably a little "nuts" for taking this challenge head on! You can do it and don't let the nay sayers get you down. Your success here depends entirely on you! Keep us informed on your progress!

Re: Hello to everyone

May 17, 2017 04:36AM

Registered: 1 year ago
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Yes, I will agree. Really brave act. Many people will never dare to do this. I wish you success and that you write the continuation of your history. By the way, I also worked in logistics

Re: Hello to everyone

June 30, 2017 10:36AM

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Just curious, but what type of career activity does "logistics" represent? Sorry, I honestly don't know... who would you work for and what do you do?

Re: Hello to everyone

June 30, 2017 06:59PM

Registered: 1 year ago
Posts: 9

I wish I had made the jump earlier in life. Best of luck to you!

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