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With the lack of VI Broadband WiFi has anyone had experience setting up an AT&T Hotspot? Knowing I had no VI Broadband at our condo complex, I switched to AT&T’s unlimited data plan before we came to STX this month. Part of the plan allows me to set up a wifi hotspot (10 GB/device) using my iPhone as the “Hotspot.”

All comments are welcomed.

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While staying in the boonies in Arkansas for a few months, I had to purchase the wifi box from ATT to get wifi service while there. I brought it here and it works fine. So far, I have not been able to connect via my phone's wifi hotspot.

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I use my AT&T hotspot option on my phone all the time. Before the storms, it worked great - could stream video and everything. Post-storm it's been inconsistent, as has AT&T service - improving though.

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I've been tethering my AT&T phone to my laptop for years. Before we had Dish, we used to tether to the phone and watch a movie off Netflix. Data consumption could be an issue through, about 3gb for a movie.
Go for the unlimited data plan if you can swing it.
As get stated above, service isn't up to pre-Maria consistency, but it seems to be slowly improving.... like everything else.

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I've used my laptop with my iphone personal hot spot with AT&T as well. Service was OK, not great last I used it. Didn't need to use it much as we got BBVI working. Oh yeah, I'm in the boonies in NW Arkansas right now, I got more consistent service on STX (post Maria)

Viya has also set up new 4G all over the island and is offering hot spot modems as an option while they rebuild their fiber network.

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