rumor about attempt...

rumor about attempted car jacking last night?????  

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just heard a rumor that a young couple last night were followed leaving the palms. they were rear ended numerous times but were able to out run the offenders.anyone else hear about this or know any more details????

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From a facebook post.

"Just an FYI. Fellow vendors who set up at the Palms on Monday nights with me had a rough night going home. They took the bypass back around by Hess going home last night. 2 locals in a red pickup tried to bump and run them off the road. They had a gun and were gonna rob them. My friend saw the gun when the guy got out of the red pick up ,threw it in reverse and after a short chase and them bumping their car a couple times my friends got away. Please let friends know to stay on main roads at night. Some folks are getting desperate"

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Did they report the incident?

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VI is becoming more and more like 19th century Wild West.

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