STT island wide pow...

STT island wide power outage  

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Alana, you should be very happy today

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St. John is out too. Anyone know why? Or does this have to do with the 'rolling blackouts' that I read about on the Source this morning? WAPA Source article

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I am.
A few of my friends have mentioned that there have been more than one outage this week. Glad I left the generator off before I left.
No sense wasting fuel as tenants don't move in until the 1st.

Then I saw this in STT Source this morning:
WAPA: Action by PSC Could Force Rolling Blackouts, Higher Rates Soon

Deeply troubling.

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What about the .14 cent tax we've all been paying since 2012?

The tax that was supposed to go towards the purchase of new generators?

If you do the math, let's say one person uses 50 gallons a week, x 4 weeks = 200 gallons a month x 12 months = 2400 gallons a year

The .14 tax on 2400 gallons = $336/year x 5 years of the tax = $1680 per person

Multiply $1680 per person x 50,000 drivers across the territory, and you get $84 million dollars!

And the actual figure is probably much higher when you factor in all the tourist driving.

So where has that $84 million + gone??????? Seriously.

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Your math is way off.

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