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StX Restaurant Ratings  

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I'd like to hear about your two or three favorite places to eat on StX, and why.
If you want to include STT, feel free.
Would also be interested in your 'critiques' of certain places.

My wife and I have come up with something of a rating system for the places we eat at:

1. Food Quality
2. Atmosphere
3. Price and Service

For example, we like Ft. Christian Brew Pub because it has decent food at a decent price and has a great atmosphere noon and night. And we like to occasionally eat lunch at Paradise Cafe because it's all good, very reasonably priced, and the interior is interesting.

Whereas we give a much lower ranking to the Pickled Greek -which some have raved about, because its facility and location are sub-par, and the food is merely average and not under-priced. Feel the same about Cheeseburgers and Chicken Charlies locations, -their food is 'ok' but servers we've had there tend to be harried, which isn't pleasant. Whereas we love going to Off the Wall because of it's location and friendly atmosphere.

Still looking for more choices that have great atmosphere as well as food, and don't leave you feeling like you overpaid.

Note to restauranteurs:
One of the disappointing things about eating out on the island is NOT knowing what's going on at your restaurant on any given night. Many of your schedule some interesting bands, theme nights and food specials. But few of you have flyers we can take with us to put on the frig, or have websites we can check.

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My favorite is Salud! It's small and intimate, but still has a fun feel, particularly at the bar. We always run into people we know, and for us, it's right in the neighborhood. The food is outstanding. We have our favorites, but we are never disappointed when we try something new. Good service too. It's considered upscale, so I wouldn't call it inexpensive, but there is a bar menu with lower priced choices.

Recently visited the new restaurant on the north shore, Rowdy Joe's. Can't wait to go back. It's a neighborhood bar feel, with tables inside and out on a porch. I had the fish tacos ($12) and my husband had the Asian ribs ($22). Both were excellent. Service was good too. Oh, almost forgot.....The Espresso Chocolate Chip homemade ice cream is about the best ice cream I have ever had!!!

I don't have the web address handy, but SCUBA publishes a page on their site with a lot of the STX restaurants. It's not advertisements. The restaurants don't have a thing to do with what is posted there, so it's all honest. I go to it often, if we want to go somewhere new , or I'm just having a senior moment and can't think of anywhere to go for lunch or dinner.

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In NYC, the Zagat guide to restaurants is based totally on customers' reviews. I think they use the same three categories (food, atmosphere, service) and then each reviewer estimates the cost of an entree and a drink. The Zagat guide takes the average of all the estimated prices, and an average of each category and prints it. It is so useful! And the rating scale for the categories is just 1, 2, or 3 (or 0 I guess), so it is pretty easy to do.

If there is anyone here who loves to compile figures (AllMashUp?) it would be awesome to have so many opinions. Or someone could contact and see if they want to add St. Croix to their list...? You never know!

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we like tutu benes ( did i spell it wrong?) it is a bit noisy in there the later it gets. price is ok location could be better as it has no view, the service is great.
the galleon is a wonderful celebration spot, pricy, great service on the water i think, its always been dark when ive been there.
for lunch i like cafe fresco, the owner is so nice, she has great soup she is only open for lunch. food is wonderful location i love ( wonderful courtyard) price is average.

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