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What goods are the most scarce / expensive?  

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Hi again,

What food/beverage/snacks/cookie/candy/bakery/fruits/vegetable goods are the most scarce or expensive in the VI? As some context, that is compared to in the mainland U.S, the kinds of items which could be used to fill in the blanks below.

You just can't get good ________________ here.
On the mainland I'd pay $ for _________________, but in the VI it is at least 3x that.

I just realized the above two fill-in-the-blanks are fair game for adult mad libs, but let's just stick to the aforementioned goods, please! 😮


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There's a lot that's just locational. Like you can't get good cold water fresh seafood here. You can't get good iceberg lettuce here.

OH! And restaurants - so far I've found you can't get good Mexican food here. 🙂 I lived in Austin, TX for a long time and guess I got spoiled. I'd love for someone to steer me somewhere good!

Honestly the things that I see here that cost 3x what you pay on the mainland are primarily packaged foods. Yesterday I bought a package of tostada shells for $2.49 that are $.89 at home. But I don't generally buy many packaged foods, so it doesn't affect me too much. 🙂

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Not a lot of choices for organic, gluten free, dairy free. things like that are avail. at basic supermkts in the states now.

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I've been here too long to make these kinds of comparisons but I do try and stay abreast of current stateside prices. I think you can generally still figure that, on average, a basket of typical groceries will cost you 30% more than stateside, As prices have jumped here in the last year, stateside prices have also increased concomitantly. The highest difference which has been a constant is breakfast cereals and similarly "fragile" chips and crackers.

The quality of fresh fruits and veggies has improved enormously over the years but, again, fragile produce can suffer enormously when the refrigerated containers are offloaded and left to sit even for a relatively short period in the high temps here after reaching their destination. Visiting stateside friends get double hugs and kisses if bringing me just a couple of REAL tomatoes or sweet corn in season. Doesn't take much to give me a real thrill!

You can't always get what you want here but if you try you might just find you can get what you need ... at a price. Adaptability is key.

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Edited because I just realized it was off topic! 🙂

So I'll second what oldtart said - adaptibility is key. There are lots of yummy low-cost things here to eat, and some good local farms on STX, but not everything that you can get stateside.

I would also love to have more access to organic items, but it's not horrible. I have bought organic items at Plaza Extra.

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