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Goliath grouper @ Coki, cozy with diver?  


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April 10, 2013 1:19 pm  

Yesterday on a tour we stopped at Coki. We went over towards coral world in the deeper part and saw a diver doing a snuba tour. Then saw a 300-400 lb 5ft+ golaith grouper go up to the diver and looked like begged for food. The diver had to keep pushing this MASSIVE guy away. Literally touching it and pushing it away. There was also a half dozen huge horse eye jacks that were also chilling around this diver. The odd thing was that there were several other divers but the grouper stayed with this guy the entire time.

Does anyone know who this diver is? Or the story here? I am sooo bummed that I didn't have my camera with maybe someone knows him and when he will be out next or of its a random thing. This grouper knew this diver, there were others around be he was totally fixated on him. It was amazing, doing another tour today and gonna take my camera in case I get a glimpse of him again.

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