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STT Rental Realtor, your personal experience for “normal” people

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Besides Craigslist, the Daily News has anyone had positive experience with a Realtor who helped them find a long term rental for “normal” people? By “normal” I mean those of us who are not interested or who can’t afford $2000 and up monthly rental for a 1 bedroom apartment. Most of the realtors I’ve dealt with were only interested clients who can give them a juicy commission. In the past I’ve asked this forum for recommendations about shipping my car and other subjects and as a result, I was turned on to some really great people who were indeed just as good as their reputation. If you’ve dealt with a Realtor who really had your best interest at heart and helped you to find a place to rent that you are happy with, please give me contact information for your Realtor. Time is getting short for me, 10 days or so

Ideally, I’d like to find a month by month place to rent to start with. I'd have the time so I could beat the bushes looking for place that’s a “fit” for my wife and I..If you know of a place that rents by the month, that will do as well.

Posted : April 22, 2016 11:05 am
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