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Story #17: Story from a St. Thomas Resident!

(Submitted in 2004) I was 24 and just graduated college, and had always dreamt of moving to the islands. So I sold my car and bought a one way ticket to St. Thomas, without ever having been there and not knowing anyone there. I moved with $2000 and two suitcases. To make a long story short, the first month or two were extremely tough, with finding a place, a job, learning what to do, where to go, etc., etc. But after I got settled in and "found my niche on the island" it was easily the best year of my life and I wouldn't trade the memories, as fuzzy as they are, for anything.

I guess the moral of the story is...If you really plan on going, keep in mind it is going to be extremely difficult. I like to say its not all sun tan lotion and pina-coladas. Even though your in paradise, you still have to pay bills, do laundry and everyday errands, AND here they take longer and are that much more annoying. Forget New York, if you can make it in the Virgin Islands, you can make it anywhere. But once you do get situated, it will be the most amazing time in your life.

The people there are extremely helpful and don't mind helping out the "newbies" on the island because they too were once right off the plane and had a million questions, so I wouldn't hesitate going to a bar and hitting up the bartender for as much info as you can.

I just wanted to let people know it is possible, it can be done.

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