Using the approximate figures below you can compare your current cost of living expenses to what they might be if you were living in St. Croix, St. Thomas, St. John or Water Island.

Housing / Rentals

 St. Thomas & Water IslandSt. JohnSt. Croix
1 Bedroom Apt.$850-$1800$950-$1800$750-$1500
2 Bedroom Apt.$1300-$2500$1200-$3000$1200-$2500
2-3 Bedroom Condo$1500-$3500$1400-$4000$1200-$3500
2-4 Bedroom House$1800-$4500$2250-$5000$1800-$4500

Note: Rental rates from The Settlers Handbook to the US Virgin Islands, 19th edition, 2020. Utilities not included in rental rate estimates.


 St. ThomasSt. JohnSt. Croix
Gas for Stove
(100 lb)
$86$100 – $110$86
* Charge may vary depending on delivery location.
(Per Gallon)
$3.629 – $3.939$3.91 – $4.04 –
* Prices may vary between gas station, and self-serve vs. full-serve.
(by Truck)
5250 gallons
5200 gallons
3150 gallons
* Price may vary depending on delivery location and well-water versus distilled. Other size truck loads may be available.
Cable Television
Basic $14.99
HD Flex: $59.99
Expanded: $77.25
*Equipment charges and taxes may apply; movie channels also available.
Residents pay a Customer Charge of $4.86 plus approximately $.34 per kwh (base rate + fuel charge + various surcharges per kwh). Total bill depends on consumption.
Telephone Service
Base Rate is $23/month plus End User Access Residence charge and taxes. Calling Features such as caller id and call waiting are available for additional fees.
Examples of plans: $49.99 (up to 6 Mbps Down & 2 Mbps Up) and $149.99 (up to 100 Mbps Down & 10 Mbps Up). Installation fees may apply. Taxes may be additional.
Prices vary based on voice, text, data needs; and individual vs. family plans.

Note: Utility prices updated September 2018.

Grocery Costs

Grocery list and prices are for reference only. Prices shown are for products from two large stores on St. Thomas. Several grocery stores exist on each island and comparatively speaking the prices vary. Generally the prices of groceries are similar at large stores on St. Thomas compared to St. Croix; while prices on St. John tend to be higher.

Chile Salmon Steak$7.88/lb
Tilapia Filets$2.99/lb
Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix 5lbs$5.49
Whole Chicken$1.59/lb
Chicken Leg Quarters 10lb bag$7.49
Spare Ribs (Pork)$3.18/lb
Choice Chunk Tender Steak$4.98/lb
Bone in Strip Steak$8.99/lb
Ground Beef$4.39/lb
Tufu Veggie or Film$2.89/each
Green Pepper$1.28/lb
D’anjou Pears$1.89/lb
Yellow Squash$1.28/lb
Salad Tomatoes$1.18/lb
Baking Potatoes$2.50/5lb
Carrots 2lb bag$1.49
Sweet Potato$1.49/lb
Food Price
Plantains $.89/each
Yellow Onions 3 lb bag $1.99
Whole Watermelon $.69/lb
Large Yuca $1.29/lb
Ragu Pasta Sauce 24 oz $3.50
Delmonte Ketchup 24oz $2.00
Kraft BBQ Sauce 18oz $2.50
Minute Maid OJ 52oz $5.29
Kellogg’s Cereal 12-15oz $4.99
Goya Red Beans 15.5oz $0.89
Kraft Mac & Cheese 14oz $2.25
Goya Olive Oil 8.5oz $3.49
Chef Boyardee Spaghetti 14.75 oz $2.49
Ritz Crackers 20.6oz $5.99
Old Orchard Cocktails 64 oz $2.99
Scott Paper Towels qty 6 $9.99
VO5 Shampoo 12.5oz $1.29
Budweiser 12 pk can $12.99
Heineken 24 pk bottle $34.99
Note: Grocery prices updated September 2018.
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