NativityVirgin Islander
By Island: Crucian, St. Thomian, St. Johnian
LanguageEnglish is the main language. (Spanish is spoken by about 17% of the population. Other languages are spoken by 11% of the population.)
ReligionBaptist, Roman Catholic and Episcopalian are the largest denominations.

Total Population: 106,405

St. Thomas
51,452 48%
St. John
4,170 4%
St. Croix
50,601 47%
Water Island
182 0.001%


Black or African American80,90876%
American Indian and Alaska Native alone434.4%
Asian alone1,4571.4%
Some Other Race alone4,7574.5%
Two or More Races:2,2032%

*Hispanic Origin: 18,504 people or 17.5% of the total population recognize themselves as being of Hispanic or Latino origin.

Place of Birth

US Born

Born in USVI49,719
Born in other U.S. Island Area or Puerto Rico3,567
Born in the United States16,851
Born abroad of U.S. parent(s)701

Foreign Born

Antigua and Barbuda3,933
British Virgin Islands2,030
Dominican Republic4,390
St. Kitts and Nevis5,910
Other Caribbean island10,734
Born in another foreign country or born at sea3,265




Under 5 years7,5007.0%
5 to 9 years7,1506.7%
10 to 14 years7,4847.0%
15 to 19 years7,5637.1%
20 to 24 years5,8955.5%
25 to 29 years5,9745.6%
30 to 34 years6,1435.8%
35 to 39 years6,6706.3%
40 to 44 years7,4517.0%
45 to 49 years7,7307.3%
50 to 54 years7,8987.4%
55 to 59 years7,1886.8%
60 to 64 years7,3716.9%
65 to 69 years5,8545.5%
70 to 74 years3,7173.5%
75 to 79 years2,3262.2%
80 to 84 years1,3321.3%
85 years and over1,1591.1%


Family households (families)26,23760.7%
Married husband-wife family13,65231.6%
Male householder, no wife present2,6396.1%
Female householder, no husband present9,94623.0%
Non-family households16,97739.3%
Total Households43,214100.0%

Educational Attainment

(for persons 25 years and older)


Less than 9th grade5,926
9th grade to 12th grade, no diploma5,632
High school graduate, GED, or alternative10,503
Some college or associate’s degree5,606
Bachelor’s degree3,420
Graduate or professional degree2,030


Less than 9th grade5,617
9th grade to 12th grade, no diploma4,847
High school graduate, GED, or alternative11,095
Some college or associate’s degree8,008
Bachelor’s degree4,930
Graduate or professional degree3,199
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