Unless you plan to move with only what fits in your suitcase you will find moving your personal and household items here to be one of your biggest projects. Below you will find some ideas to get you started on how to move your things to the islands with you!

Shipping Large Items

The least expensive way to ship a large quantity of items, perhaps your entire household and car(s), is by ship using a moving company. Items must be packed in crates and delivered by you or a moving company. Most large moving companies have agents in the U.S.V.I., call your local movers to find out if they have contacts in the U.S.V.I that would facilitate your move. You must then hire a trucker or moving/storage company locally to pick up your crates and deliver them to your home or store them until you arrive.

St. John residents should take note that the trucker must additionally take your crates over on a barge and to St. John. It is a good idea to call around and get estimates.

Contact Blue Ocean Transport

Contact Top of the Line Transport

Tip for Seasonal Mover/Temporary Resident

If the islands are not a permanent home for you, don’t bring too many expensive and valuable items. Antique furniture can be turned to dust by termites; delicate furnishings can be covered in mildew if you are living in wetter areas or close to the sea. Hurricanes also can destroy items. So carefully consider what things you need and want to move with you, what things you could sell in a yard sale and others that you’d rather let a close family member hold on to it for you until you are certain you’ll be staying in the islands for a long time.

Small Items Only

If your items are small in nature and can be packed in boxes consider the US postal system your friend! Pack your items in boxes, no more then 70 pounds each, as this is the standard maximum accepted as far as weight goes. Delivery can take several weeks. Take a trip down to your local post office to inquire about weights, box sizes, and cost of postage.

Other Suggestion

Another option is to contact airlines that service the U.S.V.I and see if airfreight is a option.

Large items and fragile items should be packed professionally and shipped professionally. Smaller items can be packed personally and shipped by postal service or brought down with you in luggage.

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