Life in the islands is slower then in the mainland. Many daily task and operations work on “Island Time” which means slowly and without haste. There is a large working class population here in the U.S.V.I, so weekdays are of course spent at perspective jobs.

Jobs include almost all those found commonly in the mainland; doctors, nurses, teachers, priests, sales associates, attorneys, senators, taxi drivers, computer technicians, cable and telephone installation personnel, babysitters and others. Many occupations are in some form related to tourism, the islands’ main industry. Often after a days work residents go home to their families. On Fridays or weekends, residents might have a night out perhaps go to the movies, dinner, bowling, to a crab race, to a local bar to have drinks or dance or over to a friend’s house for a barbeque or get together. Many residents are part of a church family and Sunday mornings are often designated as church day, which might then be followed by a barbeque at the beach, day trip to a neighboring island or many times grocery shopping. Many residents own watercrafts and with wonderful weather year round, fishing, sailing, power boating, windsurfing and diving are popular weekend and holiday activities. Life in the U.S.V.I is laid back. For some it is too laid back. Other people embrace the tranquility and freedom the island life provides and they stay for years. It is a good idea to visit the islands for an extended vacation to see if island life is right for you.
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