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Auto body repair / restoration as a hobby


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April 22, 2007 6:15 pm  

Does anybody on STX do auto body repair or restoration as a hobby?

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April 22, 2007 8:25 pm  

There seems to be very little car culture on the island. Quite a few drag racers, 4 or 5 very serious.
I saw a few rice burners, and a few Ninja type bikes. There are a few Harleys as well.

Have met only two street rodders on STX so far. One with a model A sedan, and another with a T-bucket. Both were brought on island complete. There is a fab shop that does a little work for the drag racers and other auto machine work. He has been building a T-bucket for several years, not much progress in the last few years.

I did meet a West Indian man who is working on a couple of projects, a Corvette that he is putting an older engine in, ( seems backwards ), and a Chevy in a Jag sedan. There a guy that is rebuilding a Blazer, but it seems to have stalled as well.

Havn't seen any restored older cars at all. I did hear of one, but I hear that it is never driven. The salt is brutal on them.

This is my one big concern, as I have been a hard core car guy all my life. I hope I can do with out much car culture. LOL. I mean I am such a car guy, that in high school, I didn't transfer to the new school that was built so I would have to be able to drive a car to school. Told my dad that all of my friends were staying at the old school, which wasn't true at all.

I did ship down a 85 Bronco II with a 302 cu in V-8 in it to have something to paly with when we are there a couple of times a year.

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