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RE: Recreational Marijuana  

By vicanuck, 4 hours ago

  Not yet and it will probably be another few years before that happens. Keep in mind that the VI is a very isolated economy and those that control it are trying to ensure they control the profits from ...
Recreational Marijuana  

By reelnut, 14 hours ago

  Good evening: Curious to know if the recreation marijuana use authorization has gone into effect, and if so, have recreational dispensaries been opened on any of the islands? Thanks!
RE: Composting toilet/Composting bin construction  

By vicanuck, 1 day ago

  Curious to know why would you want one? There's no shortage of water here.
RE: Cistern Repair  

By vicanuck, 2 days ago

  What island are you on?
Cistern Repair  

By Oceangirl, 2 days ago

  Who does cistern repairs? What product is best to seal a concrete cistern?
RE: VI ruling class and flexible morality  

By vicanuck, 6 days ago

  They only see what they want to see...if it somehow benefits them.
RE: VI ruling class and flexible morality  

By stcmike, 7 days ago

  I don't understand, Where was the Attorney General and the Inspector General during all this corruption? Were their offices asleep or just incompetent to not see this obvious corruption. The only reme...
RE: VI ruling class and flexible morality  

By vicanuck, 1 week ago

  This is so true! It manifests itself in so many ways and is a daily consideration, especially if you own a business. Even something as simple as getting your vehicles registered every year can be made...
VI ruling class and flexible morality  

By Gator's Mom, 1 week ago

  At the very core of VI culture is a tolerance for flexible morality. The idea is not to get caught. But what if everyone knows? The entire Virgin Islands turned blind eyes to Epstein and his pedophile...
RE: Health Insurance  

By vicanuck, 1 week ago

  This is so true and one of the main reasons we're leaving the VI within the next few years. That and just being bored with being in the same place for too long.
CruzanIron RE: Health Insurance  

By CruzanIron, 1 week ago

  @gators_mom and that is exactly why I had to leave my home of 57 years (at that time) and move to the mainland.
RE: Health Insurance  

By Gator's Mom, 1 week ago

  There really is no health care in the Virgin Islands. Get insurance that you can use on the mainland. I was declined care by a VI physician while standing in her office bleeding. She told me she doesn...
RE: Health Insurance  

By Scubadoo, 2 weeks ago

  It's official now 😀 Lt. Governor Officially Announces Individual Health Insurance Provider in USVI
Exit Zero RE: Health Insurance  

By Exit Zero, 2 weeks ago

  MAYBE READ***** New Insurance Provider Offering Individual Options to Virgin Islanders | St. Thomas Source (
RE: Health Insurance  

By islandgirl07, 2 weeks ago

  @vicanuck thank you. I had heard a new carrier was coming to the island. This is very helpful.
RE: 104.9 Mongoose radio station  

By vicanuck, 2 weeks ago

  The new Mongoose DJ is actually a Canadian living in LA. His segments are not usually broadcast live. Like many occupations these days, radio DJ's can easily work remotely from home studios which can ...
104.9 Mongoose radio station  

By lily1025, 2 weeks ago

  Anyone know about the disc jockey on the radio mornings?Very odd comments on air.Doesn't answer calls on air for number to call is a California it and get a busy signal!!v...
RE: Master Plumber  

By Ca. Dreamers, 2 weeks ago

  Sonny Sanchez. (801) 499-7618 Fast and neat! CD
RE: Master Plumber  

By Scubadoo, 2 weeks ago

  Another vote for Joey. Also ART PLUMBING 340-642-1453
RE: Master Plumber  

By vicanuck, 2 weeks ago

  I recommend Quest Plumbing in Gallows Bay. Call Joey at 340-690-PIPE. Great company with mainland service and skill.
Composting toilet/Composting bin construction  

By Crucianwannabe, 2 weeks ago

  Hi everyone! Does anyone have any information or experience on composting toilets in the USVI? Are they allowed in a primary dwelling? How would one build a hurricane proof composting bin? Any help or...
Master Plumber  

By TMT10, 2 weeks ago

  Hello! Looking for a master plumber in Saint Croix. Any recommendations? Thank you!
RE: Housing Replacement cost per sq ft  

By jaldeborgh, 2 weeks ago

  This isn’t exactly on point but I recently finished 3 car garage on the east end of St. Croix. So nothing but a box, minimal electric from the house meter, no water but it was built on the side of a ...
RE: Pool maintenance recommendation?  

By vicanuck, 2 weeks ago

  @lieboe Too much work to install before a hurricane. I had one like that when I lived up in the northlands. Its great for long cold winters.
RE: Health Insurance  

By vicanuck, 2 weeks ago

  The quote was for the two of us. But, yes, still outrageous. We're excited to be so close to Medicare so we can reduce our overall healthcare costs. And, my pre-existing condition is an inexpensive, r...
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