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Best dining deals in STX!  


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February 1, 2016 11:41 pm  

I'm relatively new to the island but I've already heard about (and sampled) taco nights at a few spots -- Tuesdays at Maria's in Gallows Bay, Wednesdays at Miriam's, and Thursdays at Luncheria (2 for $3!). And of course there's $5 Gyro Night on Saturday at Pickled Greek. I love to save a little when I go out for a meal -- anyone know of other deals? Doesn't have to be tacos...

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March 14, 2016 7:04 pm  

plaza east has a ( IMO ) great slice of pizza.

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April 26, 2016 3:27 pm  

Wednesday $2 tacos and Thursday $5 burgers at the Golden Rail inside Mill Harbour condos.

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