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Biker Birthday Bash!


Marty on STT
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November 18, 2011 3:34 pm  

If you are on Facebook, you can see the page for it here: SKEETER'S 69TH
If not on FB, here's a pic of the poster:

This party is open to the public, invite everyone you know! It's gonna start on Friday afternoon around 4 on the 25th and go until we are told to leave Sunday afternoon...get this: WE'RE CAMPING! We have a permit for 200 tents on Magens, in the field behind the beach...we have the last shed reserved all weekend, with electricity, and they are going to keep the bathrooms and showers open all weekend, as well. If you wanna camp, just send mail to me at and I'll get you a pass....we have music (LIVE!), food, drink...this is gonna be a GR8 biker bash! bring what you want for food and drink, or buy a ticket with us and eat and drink all you want all weekend! Come celebrate with us!! (no bottles, please)

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