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Reading Rainbow School Openings for Regist.

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Hello there! I do consultation for education, and have been serving a pretty wonderful school, the one named above. It is locaed near the Agrifest Fair Grounds, and in several grades has opening for new or transfer students. I wanted to bring this to your attention as I have heard from many parents that there are specific challenges in basic education on STX . I know this is a broad statement, and I am not trying to be disparaging.

As the tuition is quite low as compared to other private schools, I mention this as students, including students with mild disability, all end up being readers, writers, and have a solid basic education by the 8th grade. I have been quite impressed, and wanted to pass this along.

If you send me a Private Message, I can send you contact information for enrollment, as well as which grades currently have openings.

All the best, and just trying to keep the community, all of us, informed,


Dan G., Licensed Educational Consultant (still under some contstruction)

Topic starter Posted : September 20, 2010 11:27 am
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am very intrested in this school as teh others ae soooooooooooooooo expensive. I will have 1 1st grader and 1 4th grader in fall of 2011.
jen in atlanta

Posted : May 8, 2011 3:18 am
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