Trade my renovation and DIY skill for housing  


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June 30, 2015 2:34 pm  

I am planning to move to STX at the end of July. I spent 3 months on the island back in 2012 and wish to return full time. Seeings how I have a few weeks before this expected move, I thought I might give this message board a try. My professional background is in the building material/construction industry and I was considering the possibility of finding someone who may be interested in trading my experience with home improvement and renovation for short term, possibly longer term, housing. I am open to discussing individually with anyone who may be interested about any specific scope of work needed and estimated duration. I enjoy all DIY work. I am a friend of Bill W’s and am hoping this board may open up an opportunity. Thanks!

I am open to considering STT or STJ as well.


Bill M

Bill M

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July 26, 2015 12:06 am  

Hi Bill,
are you still looking? I have a house on the East End, currently tenanted, but there is a small apartment below which is vacant. it needs some sprucing up, and the house needs to be painted on the outside, but it is yours if you want it!
Pat Saunders

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