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May 30, 2008 8:39 pm  

Hey all... the annual VI Bartending Olympics is coming up in just a few weeks - Jun 22! It is a benefit for our local animal shelter - The St. Croix Animal Welfare Center - and a fun day at the beach watching our local bartenders and servers compete for the title of best in the VI. These guys really put on a show and go all out to win! The tickets are $25.00, but... if you want to try to win free tickets, you can go online to and vote for your favorite bartender... there are several registered - Mike from Parrot's Cove, Mikey from Brew Pub, etc. - and you might win free tickets to the event. Voting is free and you can vote for more than one bartender (you can't vote for the same one more than once tho... that's cheating). Let's get some STT bartenders on there too!

Please plan on coming out on the day of. Professional Flair Bartender Roderigo Delpeche will be here and flair shows will be done - (y'know a la Tom Cruise in the movie Cocktail) and there will be plenty of fun and frivolity. $25.00 includes all the entertainment plus 1 adult admission, the ferry ride (both ways 🙂 ) , a food buffet, a starter beverage/cocktail, and a raffle ticket! There will be a really nice raffle!

Also... you can get free drink tickets (and really help the shelter animals directly) by donating Pedigree dog food or Whiska's cat food to the shelter. Every can gets you a drink ticket (or 5 lbs of dry). Take the food to the shelter directly to get your free tickets.

Our Crucian Critters need our help! This event is totally volunteer run and every penny of the profits goes to helping the shelter! Mark your calendars! Tell your Friends! Come join us for a really fun day!

Posters, Ads, and more information will be coming out soon!8-)

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