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September 5, 2012 3:15 am  

Then direct your scorn toward Susan56, toward whom Rusty directed his essay. She stirred his anger - and rightfully so - with her broad-brush painting of our island (I think I can say that, as our move date is 29SEP10 🙂 ) over the past weeks/months, talking about how awful it is. My reading of his retort was one of "...and you can suck eggs, sister." 'Cos she's clearly a mainlander with issues. Then he took an example to a rather ludicrous extreme to display the silliness he was addressing in his initial post.*

In other words, yes, "on one hand you call mainlanders names but on the other you say how warm and welcoming people here are", but it is possible to be warm and welcoming and AT THE SAME TIME give someone a verbal poke in the snoot if they richly deserve same. Being "warm and welcoming" doesn't mean you let people bad-mouth the home you love with bullcrap - or even facts, when they're blown totally out of proportion.


31U, 97E, 96B 4th Psyops Group (A), USASOC - 2/112 INF, 28ID (M) - RANGERS LEAD THE WAY (just sayin') 😛

* At least, that's how I read it. I don't want to speak for you too much, Mr Ferrari. 😉

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September 5, 2012 9:00 am  

Many, not all, mainlanders who come want things like they were back home and continually tell everyone they meet about it. We get much of that as well in AZ. "they should do it like they do it -_ _ _ _ _ _. I feel like asking to see the written invitation they got asking them to move to either USVI or AZ.
Yes, there are things that I'm sure everyone would like to see changed, WAPA comes to mind, but if it was like back home it wouldn't be USVI.
You have to learn to live with not being able to get everything you want at the store. Fewer stores to choose from. Higher prices ( everything has to be shipped - DUH ).
If you can live with these things you can probably do Ok. If you can't, you will have problems.
We don't live there full time (darn it) but some of the people I have met absolutely hated it. But I have met people who did a PMV and cashed in their airline tickets and never left.
We visited for a week and realized that we wanted to buy a place there. We went just for a vacation, not looking for someplace to buy and stay long term.

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September 5, 2012 4:32 pm  

Spent a few years on the mainland...couldn't wait to get away from all you fat, spoiled, AC-loving, road rage, holier-than-thou phonies.

We are a warm, welcoming, nurturing people, and St. Croix has nurtured countless thousands of people over the years...some of whom turn around and malign her at every opportunity. .

on one hand you call mainlanders names but on the other you say how warm and welcoming people here are.

everything you said about mainlanders can be said about people here too.

a lot of people only want to say what their experiences are-does not make them wrong. just makes it their experience.

i don't understand your remarks about dumb ass stylistics about per capita. those are facts taken from the public crime records

The STATISTICS are often used by people who would like to dissuade others from visiting or living here. Nobody is telling you not to visit Denmark after Anders Breivik killed close to 70 people with a variety of high-powered weaponry.

I am sure the average Dane goes about his/her business with no fear of being killed by someone like Mr. Breivik...just as theater-goers in Colorado happily lined up to see the Batman movie the day after James Holmes committed his atrocity.

However, people get on this board and act like we are getting shot down in the streets every day, while doing mundane things like going to work.

I have used an extreme example before: Where would you prefer to have your hypothetical 8-year old daughter get lost? Sunny Isle Shopping Mall, or downtown Boston? At Sunny Isle, she would be nurtured and cared for by any number of passing adults until her parents were found. In Boston, she would probably be abducted.

The vast majority of us go about our daily business without giving a second thought to the supposed "rampant crime". If you want to live in a cloud of fear, as seems to be fashionable these days, that's your choice.

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September 5, 2012 6:48 pm  

i don't live in a cloud of fear just caution. last night i was sitting outside reading. gun shots for about 5 minutes. it did not scare me because i knew it was not close.

i just do not thnk facts should be covered up or ignored. per capita crime/murder is a fact-we had at one time the highest murder rate.

i lived outside of dc for most of my life and most of that time never locked my door. i talked to strangers and invite them in-no problem. never had been affraid. never had the amount of crimes commited to me and my husbad as i have here-fact-not fear.

i have never loved it here and i have never shied away from that statement. my hsband loved it here at first-not now. i think the reason i never loved it here is because it was not by choice i moved here-does that mean i dislike all my time here-not by a long shot. i am perpetually an opptimist with the facts thrown in on my experiences, no one elses.

i am glad you love youe HOME, i love most of the other places i have lived also, but especially my HOME-where i was born and raised. that is the place i love the most.

i have met many many wonderful people here but i have also faced a ton of racism as well, especially from the older generation. i like people for who they are and not there color or religion.

i do not use statistics to frighten people but to give them all sides of the equation. tons of beautiful people scenery and experiences i have had. do i want to move back to the states, sure do. i like good quality fruit and vegies that don't go bad in two days , i want to pay less that 5 for a half gallon of milk.....
do i regret my time here-no i never regret what happens to me because it makes me who i am.

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September 6, 2012 4:45 pm  

USVI? 3rd World? Short answer: No, it is not... Far, very far from it... I lived in STX for 5 years... I have no major complaints... I was frustrated at first by having limited options to services, stores, etc.... You just grow out of it... I just call it "Island Lifestyle in the Caribbean"... I am from Puerto Rico, living in Texas, for now, soon moving to Utah. I've been to Canada, Dominican Republic, and South Africa... and I travel a LOT... Experiences and tastes vary...

I wouldn't mind going back to STX... All the problem I had were similar to what I faced at other places... It it is for you, fine, if not, pack it up...

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September 6, 2012 11:56 pm  

The Virgin Islands sounds like a warm New Jersey! We have potholes, trash, crime, and beaches. Only its warmer and you get to wake up to an amazing view every day.

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September 7, 2012 12:03 am  

The only similarity that I am aware of is a corrupt government...and the fact that it's warm all year.

The Virgin Islands sounds like a warm New Jersey! We have corruption, potholes, trash, crime, and beaches. Only its warmer and you get to wake up to an amazing view every day in St. Croix.

Iris Tramm
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September 9, 2012 12:41 pm  

USVI? 3rd World? Short answer: No, it is not.

You're right. Two-and-a-half, people. Two-and-a-half.

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