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We are moving to the the USVI in the spring/summer after the House is finished. Done with the weather here, rather deal with the storms there.
We own & operate a sawmill, Kiln, furniture shop, we have filled our house with custom built one of a kind beds, tables, bartops kitchen decor.
We’re not going to buy right away, as I’m a contractor, likely look for a good deal on a storm damaged home, so we will be renting for the unforeseeable future.
Will our furniture sell there if we ship it down. How fast would it sell? As storage would be a problem as well renting. Hate to leave it behind, and would love to see it in lovely homes there. Rustic live edge, rare species of hardwood, very unique creations. Also read that wood furniture doesn’t do well with the insects and humidity, it can be much worse than east Texas. Your thoughts are welcome, you can see our work on FB @ American Woodworks in Colmesneil, Tx if anyone is interested in the pieces. All input welcome. We’ve found we can ship out of Houston, an hour away, 30 day float to the island.

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Best bet is probably to leave it in storage where you are until you are ready for it, meaning you have long term residence and are sure you are staying in VI Pieces apropriate for island climate should not have a problem selling on island.

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Mahogany, Cypress, Cedar, Teak, are some of the more preferable woods to use here. Insect infestation in other wood or anything not pressure treated is prevalent.

In many (maybe all now) states, pressure treated lumber is not allowable for any kind of framing or interior woodwork (due to chemicals that are emitted if it catches fire).
Pressure treated is all people use for nearly everything here.

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I agree with Scubadoo. Leave everything big in storage until you are sure you really do want to deal with life here. Spend at least a year, then decide...

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This sounds like nice stuff. Would love to see some samples. We have a place and will be moving in mid-2019.

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