Bags stolen @ Hull ...
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Bags stolen @ Hull Bay.

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Just a heads up two kids stole two cruise ship passengers backpacks out of my car today @ Hull. Clearly they are complete idiots as they stashed the bags right at the house behind the hull/Dorothea sign. I guess they tried to go back to get the bags but the home owner saw the bags and put them on the hood of his truck behind his fence which is where I found them while looking for the kids. They stole the cash and a iPhone but LUCKILY and kinda suprisingly we got the credit cards, IDs and everything else back.

I guess there's been some theft in hull lately and that saddens me as I always thought it was a pretty safe place, especially since I was parked right next to the slider bar. The car was locked at first but I when I got into it to grab some defogger I forgot to relock. I talked to some other locals at the bar later and they all mentioned they usually don't think about that happening down there. I am glad we got the important stuff back for them.

Topic starter Posted : June 27, 2013 2:49 am

Always lock your car, especially if you have items like back packs, etc., in it.
I never leave my truck unlocked in public places and I try to remember to lock it even in my driveway.
Thieves are opportunistic and will go for it so don't make it easy for them.
Glad your guests got most of their things back. Sorry about the cash and IPhone.
Can they deactivate the phone or find its location?
Northside can be prone to theft just like anywhere else so it pays to be aware and keep your belongings safeguarded.

Posted : June 27, 2013 3:26 am
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Did you get a description of the thieves?

Posted : June 27, 2013 3:29 am
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The phone was shut down minutes after the bags got taken. I was only away from the car for maybe 10 min. I saw them walking down to the beach. I was having lunch at hideaway. They waked right by, I wasn't 100% sure it was them until I talked to the guy who found the bags near his home same description of the 2 guys.

They looked young, 2 guys maybe 18 tops. One about 5'8 ish and the other about 6ft both West Indian/African American one with a grey hat and one with a bandana... I think blue or black but dark colored. Both kids were dressed all in black/dark colored clothes. They walked down into hull and walked out.

Hull was dead today and my car was actually the only one there at the time. I was parked facing the beach, not too far from the boat ramp. Honestly they were pretty ballsy, the bartenders were setting up the slider bar and I was sitting with my people within sight of my car. They are really stupid.... They had to get in from the drivers side door, unlocking the back manually. They left my underwater camera and a tiny bit of cash on the floorboard. I am betting that they will be back to hull as they did "score" some cash and a phone. I might just go hang out at the bar over the next couple days and see if they come back. I bet there's some great sniper positions up in the bush, just sayin.

Ps. Are people THAT stupid to take iPhones?? I mean they get blacklisted by the service provider and can't be reactivated once reported. I had mine taken off the table at tickles last month. I forgot to grab it and when I went back it was gone. Kinda my fault but I just don't get the point, they're gonna be a boat anchor once stolen. Idiots.

Topic starter Posted : June 27, 2013 6:03 am
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They're too stupid to go find and keep a job so what does everyone expect. I'm surpised they can pull their own pants up without hurting themselves.

Posted : June 27, 2013 1:35 pm
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