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I have an opportunity to rent a condo within the Bluebeard's castle resort. I am closing the deal from the states. All the research I have done on-line on Bluebeard's make me comfortable with this decision but I would love to get some input from people who have been there. Such as Location, upkeep etc. anything you think would convince me that this is the right decision or information you know that would and should deter me from moving there. Thanks so much!

Posted : August 29, 2006 5:46 am
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Hi there! Go to the USVI Vacation board and do a search for Bluebeard's. You will see a lot of comments (I think mostly good) about the condos. Have a great time!

Posted : August 29, 2006 1:05 pm
(@coming soon)
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Just to make it clear I will be signing a 1year lease. so information like grocery stores nearby and the like would be helpful.

Posted : August 29, 2006 2:11 pm
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Several time-share owners at Bluebeards are having a hard time right now. The "resort" itself remains OK. However, I've never heard of anyone renting out a unit to anyone other than to a casual vacationing visitor which I rather assume you're not?

Maybe I mis-read your post but it appears that you're looking at this Bluebeard's condo rental because you have a job opportunity here? Hard to address the issue without more information!

Moving here requires a car - period, full stop! At Bluebeards you will be at the mercy of taxi drivers who might give you a back here and there special rate if they get to know you, but this is NOT a "given."

Congratulations on searching options and continue on. Cheers!

Posted : August 29, 2006 3:14 pm
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You should PM Marty STT, as he knows the castle inside and out. When I was thinking about renting there, he provided me with a ton of info about the castle and it's surronding areas, right down to what the condos look like on the inside! Good luck!


Posted : August 29, 2006 3:21 pm
(@coming soon)
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Thanks STT. Yes I am moving there for a job which is in Charlotte Amalie so I am hoping to get by with just my bike ( I am in very good shape) and the Safari. I am hoping that Bluebeard's is in a good enough location for me to walk or bike to most places ie grocery store. I know BB has three restaurants and offers shuttle service to Magens Bay. If There is any other things you or anyone can think of, positive or negative I would be appreciative.

Posted : August 29, 2006 5:58 pm
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This is Bluebeard's Castle and not Bluebeard's Beach Club? You might PM Onika about proximity to stuff. You can walk to town in the day, but it is quite a hike back up this time of year! The closest grocery would be Pueblo in Long Bay, and while you COULD hike it, I wouldn't buy any ice cream! Also, you would need to check about the shuttle service. If it is still going, it would probably be for hotel guests only.The restaurants up there are great.

Posted : August 29, 2006 10:13 pm
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you are ok with a bike if you are in good shape for going to work and grocery store. I had a friend that biked from the Marriott all the way to Sibs on the mountain(doesn't mean anything to you right now), but I think you can make it work. You will be in even better shape 🙂 East Ender is right, the restaurants are great and view is nice! There is also the small Kmart and Blockbuster around the same area as Pueblo( the grocery store.) Definately check out Gourmet Gallery (groceries) in Havensight. When you go into the Banana Tree Grill ask for Ron and tell him Kelly and Derek from the DellyDeck sent you and we say hi! (We moved back to the states) good luck!

Posted : August 30, 2006 1:02 am
Marty on STT
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I worked at this place for 7 1/2 years, so I know it very well, as Pink mentioned.

The upkeep on the place is kind of hard to describe, as different areas are under different companie's responsibilities. The grounds are OK. The commona areas, too. But, keep in mind that this pllace was built as a hotel in 1937 (or was it '35? Been a while since I worked there) and has been in continuous use since then, even during all the hurricanes! The timeshare untis are even under different management groups now (what a pain!). But, since you have a lease, I am assuming that you will be in the Hilltop II building, on the Southern end, where there are a few privately owned condos. The upkeep on those is entirely up to the owner, so I can't comment on their condition. But the different managent companies have done a fair job with the hotel and timeshare units.

The shuttles that they have are for their guests only, but you may get away with using themfor a while...before they figure it out! haha! And, who knows? They may NOT figure it out! Haha! So, when you need to go East, you can take the shuttle to the Elysian and have them drop you at the turn off and you can walk a couple hundred yards into Red Hook. You can also take it to the Beach Club. If you do this, you could have them drop you in Havensite area, as well. Same with Magens shuttle. Basically, make friends with the driver. Throw him a nice tip or two and that will go far.

As for your biking idea...well, you're a braver soul than I! Haha! I drive my Harley every day, but pedaling?!? Not a chance! I see a few pedalers out there, but they are in AWESOME shape, dripping with sweat, huffing and puffing, and look like they are in a triathalon! You mention being in good shape, and if you were to ride it here as your only form of transportation, then you would be in AWESOME shape, too, but, it takes a very dedicated individual to want to be in that kind of shape! Good luck to ya and bless you!

Living at the Castle and working downtown should workout pretty well for you, in that the Castle is right next to downtown. You could walk (or bike) out the back entrance (most don't even know it's there) and down right into town in just a few minutes time. Now, coming BACK! That's a different story! haha! Bluebeard's sits atop Bluebeard's Hill and I've walked up it many times...but NEVER enjoyed it! I've hitched everytime (and usually gotten a ride up, too!).

As mentioned, the restaurants are great, so you won't go hungry there, but, unless you want to spend your entire paycheck on food and drink, then you may need to eat IN, too! Puebleo Long Bay is close enough to walk, but, as EE mentioned, a ride back would be good if you are carrying frozen items...or more than 2 or 3 bags. There are always taxiis available outside Puebleo. (there is a little shop in the lobby that carries a few neccessities, but the prices are kinda high. It'll do in a pich, though.) K-mart is just up the road from Pueblo, so that works, too.

You can use the Castle to send mail, but not packages. But, since you'll be downtown anyway, might as well use the Post Office on Main Street.

If you have any other questions, feel free to IM or e-mail me at and I'll be more than happy to help.

When are ya comin'?

Posted : August 30, 2006 3:38 pm
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Just to update you a little. I'm pretty sure that the Shuttle schedule you remember is long gone. There is no longer shuttle service between the three Fairfield Resorts. I own at the Beach Club, but I believe the Shuttle services are similar: One shuttle each week to Magen's Bay and a Grocery Store run once a week. The Beach Party is at the Elysian, so there is probably a shuttle going there on Tuesdays only. All the other parties have been discontinued. the Shuttle loops are also gone. Again, this is the current schedule for the Beach, but I'm pretty sure the Castle has the same type of transportation service.

It ain't like it used to be, Marty.


Posted : August 31, 2006 3:17 am
Marty on STT
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We sure had some fun back in the day, didn't we?

Posted : September 3, 2006 4:00 pm
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