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Bona fide VI resident living abroad

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Anyone have any experience as a bona fide VI resident living and working outside the US?

VI Law Blog says,

"Residency has two requirements, presence and intention. If before January 1st you were on island and intended to be a U.S. Virgin Islands resident, and on December 31st you were still on island or off island but intended to come back as soon as possible get IRS Publication 570, Tax Guide for Individuals with Income From U.S. Possessions to determine if you qualify."

What if a person has established bona fide residency in the VI, has no other state or territorial connection, lives and works overseas, and intends to return to the VI, perhaps after a number of years? Does one still file 1040 in VI in all those years?

Topic starter Posted : February 22, 2011 6:34 pm
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