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calling all fisherman, + lobsters, conchs, etc


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September 3, 2006 1:57 am  

So I have been reading and found a few sites
this one

But what is the lowdown on fishing and lobsters and conchs?
I am moving to stt and want to get real active again, I would also love to provide dinner for myself (and others) once in awhile.
I had a friend that was hawaiin and used to mention spear fishing. I know nothing about this (I read the rules on lobsters, no spears, traps, etc)

I never went for lobster or conch before.

I guess my main point is, what can one do that would be cheap? I.e. not chartering fishing boats or paying alot to do these things.
-land fish?
-swim out for things?
-maybe just a small boat (how far out)?

In the past I have done alot of fishing, and fishing off NJ or MD, clamming in MD, crabbing (with traps or line in NJ and MD. Nothing tropical.

ohh, also
any gardeners out there? I grew up in PA on 8 acres of land with alot of woods, but everything must be different down there (what you can grow, bugs, animals, etc)

man i cant wait for this move

thanks all.

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