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October 10, 2012 4:41 pm  

My children attend Bowsky ELEMENTARY school and ride bus #12 in the morning. I am sending this letter to express my concern for the safety of all the children who depend on this driver to get the to school SAFE and ON TIME.

Last month the school bus was in an accident. When the bus driver came around the corner and stopped a dodge ram rear ended the bus and swerved into on coming traffic crashing into a jeep grand Cherokee head first. Had the driver of the dodge ram swerved into the wet grass he would have ran over my 2 children and myself. On that day I spoke with the bus driver while waiting on the police to show up and let him know that for the safety of my children we would wait further up the hill. He said that was fine. Since the day of the accident we have waited in the same place where we can see the bus come around the corner and the boys run down the hill taking less than 30 seconds to board the school bus. Yesterday morning the bus driver drove right past the stop without even slowing down to pick up the boys. I called the school to inform them that the bus didn't stop and I had no transportation to get them to school resulting in an unexcused absence. I also called the bus department and spoke to Mr. Packson the supervisor. I informed him of what had happened and explained that we depend on the school bus for transportation. He said he would speak to the bus driver.
This morning we went to the bus stop and waited further down the hill but far enough from the main road for our safety. The bus driver stopped to get the boys and waved to me to come speak with him. He said "you had no right to call the office, I had things on my mind and drove past, but you should not have called." I let him know that I called because I depend on the school bus and the boys received an unexcused absence and that is unacceptable for him not to pick up the boys because he has "things on his mind". As far as I'm concerned NO ONE should be driving if their thinking is impaired let alone a bus driver. It puts all the children and other drivers in danger. UNACCEPTABLE. The bus driver was very upset with me and said he is doing me a "Favor" by letting the boys wait a little way up the hill. I explained to him AGAIN that we have spoken about this agreement the day of the accident and I will NOT allow my children to be put in danger. He then told me that he will NOT stop and pick up the boys unless we are at the bottom of the hill and then he drove off. The bus driver is unwilling to wait 30 seconds for the safety of my children to RUN down the hill, but has no problem spending several minutes holding up traffic to express his ill feelings towards me for calling the office when he failed to do his job. I called the office again today and spoke to the supervisor Mr. Packson and explained in detail the conversation that occurred between me and the bus driver, and that I will NOT put my children in danger. I also mentioned to the supervisor that EVERYDAY my children are late for school. Mr. Packson stated that he spoke with the bus driver and that the driver claimed that he did not see us. We have waited in the same place everyday since the accident occurred and it wasn't a problem any other days. After a 10 minute conversation the solution the supervisor came up with was "I WILL BE RUDE TO THE BUS DRIVER".
I told the supervisor that I don't want him to be RUDE to the driver. I want the bus driver to pick up my children who will be waiting out of harms way up the hill and for the driver to be in the right state of mind to be driving a bus load of innocent children. Mr. Packson agreed that the kids will wait up the hill away from the main road and for me to call him tomorrow should any issues arise. And that I only need to call if there is a problem.
I am very concerned about the safety of all the children that ride bus #12 in the morning. If this bus driver is willing to put my children in danger making them wait next to a dangerous road and is driving with "Things on his mind" then it is just an accident waiting to happen. I will not let this kind of carelessness affect any of the children who depend on the school bus to get them to school safely and on time. I am willing to do whatever it takes so that the correct measures are taken. Being RUDE to this bus driver is unacceptable. I don't want to risk his ill feelings towards me to affect my children. They have every right to be treated with respect, And most of all their safety and well being should be #1. If the bus driver is unwilling to make my children's safety his #1 priority then I will. I will do anything and everything in my power to ensure that every child that is depending on this school bus system is getting to and from school with a bus driver that is putting the children's safety first.

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October 11, 2012 2:15 am  

What a nightmare for you. Good luck.

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October 14, 2012 7:45 pm  

Don't your tax dollars pay this bus driver? My property taxes in Florida PAY the salaries, benefits and PENSION of the bus what happened to the term public service? I feel bad for you. They boys are the bus drivers "customers". If parents all drove their kids to school, this guy would not have a job! Good luck to you, I hope it gets better. Your kids RUN to the bus too, he should be happy that you are such a good mom to make sure your kids are safe and that they are on time. Good role models are hard to come by......
I am a teacher by the way!

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October 18, 2012 7:04 pm  

Send your letter to the St. Croix Avis. Bet they pay attention and change that situation real quick

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