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Good Day! I have an account on Career.VI and I would like to expand my network on the website. My username is AndyPalmer08. I am from Missouri and moving to STT this summer with three of my friends. We already have a contact in the area. He owned and operated a boat called "The Wild Thing." He lives here in MO now and has been full of very good information.

If anyone would like to add me, I would greatly appreciate it. I would like to be somewhat connected when we get down there. By the way, I just graduated school with an Accounting Degree and I have management experience. Thank you!

Topic starter Posted : January 31, 2009 3:01 am
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Good luck in a good way with!!!
I've been very lucky joining that sight...............2 solid job offers & several interviews.
Happy to say I'm employed happily with insurance here in STX thanks to them 😎
Also since you are moving to STT, check out VI Daily news, they have an employment section .......mostly for STT.
On the main page of this on line paper you have access to Island Trader ..........great for looking for cars & useful island info.
Plus they have the vi telephone book right there too to access!!!
That's about all the help I can offer............ I'm on STX, but other posters & research here can be helpful!
Good Luck & Welcome.

Posted : January 31, 2009 10:39 am
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