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Finally .... the much needed Sports Complex .... Ha?  

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August 8, 2012 3:46 pm  

We need to fix our infrastructure to attract investment (WAPA cost and reliability as well as our out of control insurance costs). Then how about we hire tourist industry experts to determine exactly what we need to do to attract tourists here who will spend money? How about we hire hotel industry experts and financial experts to detemine how to attract much needed projects with actual financing and people with the experience to make it happen? Oh wait..... I'm sorry I forgot where i am. Nevermind.......

Agree with you. We need a good infrastructure to support any type of large scale attractions whether it be in in STT/STJ/STX.
Plus, how about user friendly, well lit, well painted and marked roads without the spine jarring potholes.
Getting rid of the trash that is scattered everywhere on our roadsides that makes our beautiful islands an eyesore would be a start.
Most tourists, I meet, comment on how much trash and garbage there is and are quite astonished we have no real recycling programs.

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