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Finding STX employment from stateside

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Hi everyone,

My wife and I plan to move to STX within the year. I'm a VP at a real estate company and have 15 years experience. I would love any advice on finding a job from stateside (rather than "come down and start knocking on doors"). I've read many posts where many of you say you got your job prior to moving. Any help/advice is much appreciatated.

Is there perhaps a recruiter on island who would be an appropriate place to start?

Thanks in advance.

Posted : January 7, 2006 9:30 pm
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Unless you have a unique, very marketable skill, it is very difficult to find work from off island.

Problem is, very few employers are interested in spending time talking to/recruiting someone who may never make it to the islands.

And a quick look at the phone book will tell you that we have lots of lawyers and realtors.

I have never heard of a recruiter on STX, except in the medical services area. Or maybe teachers.

But I may be wrong.

Posted : January 7, 2006 11:34 pm
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As for personal experience, we sent resume after resume - both as "feelers" and for specific job openings before we moved here. It was like faxing them to a black hole.
It wasn't until we were on island, in person, that there was any success. But, ask yourself, how many jobs in the US mainland are granted with never meeting/interviewing the person??

Posted : January 8, 2006 3:24 pm
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Thanks. I'm not expecting to get a job without interviewing in person, but I've read several posts from folks who state they had secured employment prior to their move. I take that to mean they had to come down and interview first.

I'm trying to find the best method of making initial contact from the mainland - understanding that some (most?) employers may not take me seriously until I'm actually there.

Posted : January 9, 2006 3:48 pm
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Depending upon the type of work you are seeking, you may be able to arrange interviews to occur during a PMV. If you also locate housing during that trip, the employers are more likely to see you as a serious candidate. Most employers are seeking employees who can begin work very soon after being selected. If you visit several months in advance of your intended move, that will limit your interviewing options. One exception might be if you were trying to get a position with one of the many contracting companies who bids on jobs at Hovensa. The contractors do seek employees to begin jobs with a future start date and you might come across something that would be a fit.

Posted : January 9, 2006 3:57 pm
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