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First Time Visit This Saturday (STX)

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We had a long term plan years ago to spend significant time on STX in retirement down the road. One one trip (after many) a few years ago almost on a whim we decided to look around ourselves at a few condo complexes. Weren't to excited with most of what we saw from the outside until we found one that seemed perfect. There was a realtor office close by so we walked in an asked if there were any condos for sale we could look at. Agent was accommodating, made some calls to some listing agents and got the access codes and we went over and took a look. We weren't ready to make any offers at that point but did ask the agent to get back to us when convenient (after we were off island) with some more info. We left the next day or so, actually sat next to the agent on the same flight leaving. Never heard back from her (but know she did make it back to the island.)

The next year we met with a different agent referral from mutual acquaintance and looked at some more units. Made an offer on one through that agent several weeks later after we were off island. Offer didn't go through, owner decided to pull off market. Stayed in touch with agent occasionally on what was on the market and sales prices in months that followed. Fast forward to the next year, contacted same agent shortly before next trip, one unit on the market of interest, made arrangements with agent's partner (agent was busy) to see unit first day we were there. Met agent at condo, looked at unit, wrote offer, due diligence, bought condo. Never even needed to get that expensive realtor taxi ride as they say.

Kinda reminds me of that scene in Pretty Woman with the ritzy Rodeo Drive sales women who refused to wait on Vivian cuz they had nothing for her. Big mistake! (The sales women, not the condo!:-))

Posted : April 28, 2016 12:25 am
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There are plenty of realtors who are more than happy to show a prospective transplant around and form the basis of what might be a future mutually beneficial relationship. A realtor is perfectly capable of making his or her own decision on that score so I'm not sure why this emphasis on "Save The Realtor" and criticizing the poster.

I agree and I'm sure there are. Not criticizing. I don't know if or any realtors share my feelings. I simply stated that it's not a couple hour thing. I've been pre approved and had looked at houses on STT. I know I was just looking north and it was a few hours. In STX I know how far it is to east to west and it's a half day or full day at least. I guess condos are quicker but I can't live in a condo so not even on my radar. Personally I wouldn't do that to a realtor if I was checking out the island. I would hire a tour guide or make friends with a local. I have given a few people from here free tours and even a couple people I met at hull bay who were on PMV. That's just me. I did a PMV here and didn't look at places. Seems totally secondary to the actual move. MLS for prices and experiences to decide where I wanted to live.

Posted : April 28, 2016 3:54 am
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Thank you all for the helpful suggestions & info, I am most grateful. We are looking forward to our first visit to STX over the next several weeks.

Have a great time !

Please post your thoughts / experiences ,after your trip, both positive and negative . I think it is great to hear first impressions.

Posted : April 29, 2016 3:30 pm
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