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Gifts for Host


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June 28, 2005 11:41 am  

Hi all.

Just looking for suggestions. My family and I are visiting STT for two weeks, staying in the guest home on the propoert of a friend. We want to bring something nice down as a thank you gift. These are people who pretty much have everything. What do you think would make a nice gift and would be something they can't get down there?


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June 28, 2005 5:58 pm  

Hello Blu,

We have access to most things on island, or can order it online - so can't really think of something 'we can't get here' that would be appropriate as a thank you gift for your hosts.

If they lived in the states before or visited the states, you might ask them if there is anything that they would like for you to bring. Maybe there is some special brand of tea, coffee, candies, cookies that they might like. Or some foodstuff that is popular in your state/town.

Otherwise and in addition to (if the item they request is something small) I would go with a nice gift basket. If the family has small children, you might bring something for them too.

When visiting the states I have had friends/family on island request that I bring back everything from wine, seasonings and cooking pots to cloths, toys and gardening gloves! I flew back with 2 bathroom sinks one year (that was years ago before Home Depot...) 🙂 So you never know what someone might request! LOL


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